Wet & Forget Window Cleaner Spray 2L

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Oven Mate BBQ Clean and Protect Kit

Oven Mate BBQ Clean and Protect Kit

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HG Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaner 500ml

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Outdoor cleaners

When the sun set last September, we all tucked our outdoor furniture and barbecues away in the garage… and haven’t given them a second thought since. Through the long, cold winter, the mould, must and mildew came out to play. So now we’re all coming out of hibernation, it’s time for an outdoor spring clean.

Our range of outdoor cleaning equipment will blast all those cobwebs away. We’ve got garden cleaners to remove that moss; patio cleaners to get those stones shining again; and powerful garden furniture cleaner to take tables and chairs from grubby to glowing. Fire up the hose and let’s get back in the great outdoors!

Making mould disappear

A wet winter can take its toll on pots and patios… which is why so many of us will be discovering little spots of mould and algae that certainly weren’t there before. But this can all be undone with one of our clever mould removers – just like the one from Wet and Forget. Designed to handle large areas in a flash, the bottle clips directly on to your hosepipe for even spraying. Choose the fan nozzle setting for the ground, or a sniper nozzle for higher surfaces, and that’s it – all you need to kill off moss, algae, mould and lichen. There’s no elbow grease necessary, and the effects last for up to a year. Or for a brilliant budget solution, there’s HG mould removers. One bottle covers up to 200m square and works wonders on paths, patios, tiles and even terracotta pots.

Getting back to the garden

It’s time to throw open those patio doors and let the fresh air in again! Now you can see the garden in all its glory, you’ll see it might be time for a bit of a tidy. But before you get started on the weeds, have a go on one of these specialist garden cleaners. HG’s Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaner is designed to work wonders on plastic, metal and faux rattan – just spray on, leave to work for a couple of minutes and wipe away with some kitchen roll. And if you really didn’t realise just how blurry those patio doors had become, try a blast of Wet and Forget Window Cleaner. Just spray on and rinse off – no squeegee required.

Making BBQ cleaning a breeze

It's so easy to shut the barbecue lid and forget about the ash that lies beneath. But now it’s time to fire up the coals again, we’re all regretting our decision to ignore the BBQ cleaning all winter long. Don’t worry though – it’s Oven Mate to the rescue! Their BBQ Clean and Protect Kit delivers the same amazing results as their classic Oven Mate Gel, complete with everything you need to get it sparkling again. It’ll make that first BBQ of the year taste even better.

Need a little more inspiration before you take on those outdoor tasks? Check out the Lakeland blog for a few more tips on how to get your home summer-ready.