Guppyfriend Washing Bag to Reduce Microplastic Pollution

Guppyfriend Washing Bag to Reduce Microplastic Pollution

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Guppyfriend Washing Bag to Reduce Microplastic Pollution

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This product has been discontinued.

Product Features

  • Earth-friendly filter mesh washing bag
  • Catches man-made microfibres
  • Safe to use with detergent and softeners
  • Sturdy zip fastening
  • Also brilliant for catching pet hair
  • 50cm x 74cm zip-close bag
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  • Lakeland 3 year guarantee included
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Guppyfriend Washing Bag to Reduce Microplastic Pollution

Product number: 53201

Anyone who watches or listens to environmental experts such as Sir David Attenborough will be aware of the appalling levels of microplastic pollution in our rivers, seas and oceans – it even gets into our reservoirs. Technically clever, man-made fibres like polyester, acrylic and nylon can unfortunately contribute to the issue, and now that it’s a recognised problem companies like Langbrett are finding ways to combat it.

Step forward their Guppyfriend Washing Bag, a genuine solution that can help all of us to do our bit, rather than adding yet more microfibres and microplastic particles into the waste water systems every time we wash our clothes. So you don’t have to throw away all your easy-care clothes and fabrics, creating more waste – just wash them in a responsible way! And the protective bag will also help those garments last a little bit longer, since it’ll give them a bit of extra care during the washing cycle.

Earth-friendly washing bag

Generously sized, this durable washing bag is made from a super-fine mesh known as Polyamide 6.6. This is an untreated and recyclable mesh that catches even the tiniest fibres that come off fabrics as they’re agitated against each other during a washing cycle. Fibres can’t stick to the silky texture of the mesh, and neither can they escape through it; meanwhile, any dirt, sweat and grime is washed away to leave your clothes fresh once more. Perfect for washing technical sportswear fabrics, it’ll fit your gym kit inside – including an absorbent micro-fleece towel – and is large enough to hold a bulky fleece jacket if it’s time to refresh your outdoor gear.

You can also wash natural fabrics like pure cotton and wool inside the bag. These natural materials do also lose fibres, so washing them inside the bag helps to reduce fibre breakage, thus reducing wear and tear and helping your garments to last longer – another added benefit.

Please note: it is important to leave room for the clothes to move around inside the bag while they’re being washed – and to separate colours as you normally would.

Catches microplastics and fine fibres

Double-stitched seams, and a soft baffle inside the zip closure, catch and hold onto any fibres that are released from clothes when you’re washing them – especially important when washing any man-made fabrics. So when you extract the clean washing to hang on the line or pop onto an airer, you can gather up all the little fibres that have been collected in the corners and seams of the bag, and dispose of them in a way that won’t harm the planet. There might only be a few each time, but you’ll still be doing your bit!

Did you know that a city the size of Berlin can release the microplastic equivalent of half a million plastic bags into their waste water treatment works every single day? But now we can all step up and make a simple change to our washday routine – a change that will make a difference by filtering out these miniscule particles and fluff, holding onto the fibres so they don’t just rinse away with the grime to affect yet another fish, field or drink of water.

Safe to use with detergent and fabric softeners

Guppyfriend is perfectly safe to put in your washing machine with all kinds of washing powder, detergent, fabric softeners and even bleach. And while it can easily withstand a 60˚C cycle, most clothes will wash just as well at 30˚C – and washing at a lower temperature is a lot better for the planet.

Also catches pet hair

Not just great for its intended purpose, a side benefit of the fine mesh is that it will catch pet hair too. So if it’s time to wash the cat’s favourite cushion cover or a terrier’s blanket, you don’t have to worry about the filter getting blocked up – even if your cat’s a Persian or your terrier’s a long-haired type from the Isle of Skye – just brush the worst off and pop the cushion cover or bedding into your Guppyfriend.

Please note: it is important to leave room for the clothes to move around inside the bag while they’re being washed – and to separate colours as you normally would.

About Langbrett

A group of surfers and skateboarders who love the sea and the environment, they set out to make sure they could minimise their impact on the world. They are super-keen on recycling and repurposing clothes and shoes, and try to make their skateboards and surfboards from reclaimed wood. Where things have to be new, they endeavour to make sure they’re completely sustainable and recyclable. The Langbrett group have become influential ‘eco warriors’ all around the world – but they don’t just talk the talk – they take action!

Langbrett says: “The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is only a first step towards a holistic solution to microfibre pollution. Not more. Not less. Our overconsumption needs to change radically, and new materials, manufacturing techniques, clean washing machines and more effective sewage treatment plants need to be developed. This might take a while. Until then your Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a practical and effective way to reduce plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans.”

Product dimensions

50 x 74cm.

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Customer rating: 3
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"possibly broke my machine"

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My machine was totally fine before using this, after 3 washes with a reduced load and this bag containing 2 or 3 (small size 10) fleeces I have started to get a puddle at the bottom of the machine every time I wash even without the bag! It seems to be leaking down the inside of the machine so possibly the force of the bag being in the machine has misaligned or split something. I have stopped using the bag ofcourse but can now only wash half loads else the puddle comes back! Spoke to a very helpful person at Lakeland who is passing it for further investigation.

support_agent A note from the team

Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear this and we’ve sent you an email.

"Product quality"

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I am disappointed with this product. Thinking I was doing my bit for the environment I purchased one in Aug and a 2nd in Sept. I use my washing machine at 30 degrees, so was surprised at the shrinkage this product has, making it difficult to operate the zip. The zip ends up wavy as the webbing around it has shrunk but the zip has not. With the zips being quite flimsy it did not take long for the zip head to fall off. Lakeland replaced this no questions asked - with great customer service. However this happened again and seems to be a real fault in this item. Shame but not robust enough.

support_agent A note from the team

We’re very sorry to hear it hasn't met your expectations and will be in touch shortly.

"Waste of money"

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Have used bag twice. It's made of plastic!! Although the principle is a good idea, I had to wring the clothes out by hand as it doesn't allow the water to spin out. I now put items inside a pillow case. Much cheaper.

support_agent A note from the team

We're sorry this wasn't as you expected.


star star star star star

I have a twin tub washing machine so I didn't put the clothes in the bag. I made a funnel of it over the sink edge and used it to filter the water being pumped out of the spinner and emptying the tub at the end. It filters a lot of gunk. I leave the bag to dry then I brush the dry gunk off the inside of the bag and vacuum up anything that landed on the floor. The only tricky bit is holding the bag away from the drain or it holds the water back. It's so nice to know that I am now able to protect the environment instead of feeling guilty.

"Effective and environmentally friendly"

star star star star star

I read about this some time ago and contacted Lakeland to see if they would stock it, so THANKYOU! It's quite large and could fit in an adult sized fleece top or two in it. The zip seal is very effective. I have purchased one of these and washed my fleece dressing gown in it, which it did and collected a small amound of fleece particles in one corner of the bag. I've also washed my microfibre dusters in it. I would ask Guppyfriend, if they read this, to stock a smaller size also.

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