Get Ready to Embrace the Reducetarian Lifestyle

Ever heard of a ‘reducetarian’? You probably know one of them, even if you’ve not heard the term before. The wise reducetarian reduces the amount of meat, fish and dairy they eat. Their lifestyles are more plant-centric, at least for some of the days in the week. It’s been around for long enough now that we know it’s not a passing trend – it’s about embracing a healthier, more sustainable way of life.

Why Meat Is Bad, for Both You and the Planet

Reducetarianism doesn’t ask you to bid farewell to your morning fry-up or post-lunch latte; it simply nudges you to reduce. As many of us know by now, there are lots of good reasons to adopt a vegetarian diet. The benefits and numerous and long-lasting.

Here are some of the most compelling arguments for reducing meat consumption, for anyone on the fence:

  • Health benefits: Eating red meat is bad for you in a couple of ways. It can increase risk of heart diseases, high cholesterol, and certain types of cancer. Different meats affect the body differently, and red meat is particularly high risk. Cutting out red meat can improve your health now and for the future.
  • Planet love: Producing meat, especially beef, has a considerable carbon footprint. Reducing consumption of this and other mass-farmed meats, and adopting a part-time vegetarian diet, means doing your bit to fight climate change.
  • Economic sense: The price of meat has been creeping up, but plant-based meals can be easier on your wallet. Don’t get drawn in to buying highly processed vegetarian alternatives as these can be just as pricey. Prepare fresh meals and see your weekly budget stretch further.
  • Dairy drawbacks: Cutting back on dairy might be beneficial for those with lactose intolerance, but it’s great for the rest of us too. There’s a potential link between reduced dairy diets and heathy gut bacteria, reduced inflammation and healthier skin. It’s also the eco option, as cow’s milk takes significant resources to produce.

Rediscovering Plant Protein through a Reducetarian Lens

There’s a vibrant world of plant-based proteins out there! Meat-focused meals often exclude some of the most delicious vegetarian ingredients, like lentils and tender beans. Popping some pulses in a slow cooker is transformational. You can develop rich flavours, perfect for aromatic curries, stews and soups. Here’s a recipe for slow cooked spicy lentil soup that you’ll love coming home to. Nutritious, simple and seriously morish!

On warmer days, test your reducetarian mettle with a home barbecue – it’s easier than you think. Grilled halloumi has all the salty bite of meat and all the benefits that come with a vegetarian meal. Marinading your cheese before you cook it on a sizzling Cobb BBQ will elevate your dish, be it a burger, skewer or roasted tomato and chickpea salad.

In fact, why not double up your smoky BBQ protein? Making your own hearty bean burgers is straightforward with our burger presses, and the results are super-filling. You can create this whole meal come rain or shine, with a trusty air fryer or with your chef’s apron and frying pan.

For a more elegant meal, but one that’s just as simple to make, try whipping up a creamy nut-enriched sauce in the blender. Soaked cashews give a velvety texture to your pastas accompaniments or give a flavourful protein-kick to any salad.

Go on a Journey of Culinary Creativity

There’s nothing like the meat and two veg’ approach to stifle creativity in the kitchen. If you’re up for a bit of experimentation, then we’ve got some ideas to get you on the road to reducetarianism.

One misconception about vegetarian meals is that they lack flavour. That’s just bad cooking! Maximise your meals with plenty of herbs and spices. Dried ingredients and fragrant sauces work brilliantly, but sometimes only fresh will do. Try growing a couple of your own herbs in our indoor herb boxes. Roasting potatoes with rosemary, adding sage to your squash gnocchi or garnishing soy-soaked tofu with some coriander – these are all ways to make a meal sing.

For the foodies that want a slice familiarity, we suggest you add vegan pizza to the menu! Anything that passes through an Ooni oven is bound to be delicious, so it’s a safe space to experiment with doughs and toppings. Then, once you’ve eaten everything but the crust you can tuck into some homemade vegan ice cream. Our recipe for coconut milk & banana ice cream will see your reach gold-level reducetarianism!

We’ll part with a wild card suggestion. Ever imagined crafting your own almond or oat milk? What about homemade potato milk? These pure, fresh and super versatile milks make wonderful alternatives to dairy.

Transforming your dietary habits isn’t just about cutting back; it’s about discovering new, exciting avenues in the world of food. Your meals can be so much more colourful, nutritious and light on the animal products with just a little extra thought.

So, let’s take it one delicious, healthy and sustainable meal at a time!