Cobb barbecue cooking beef burgers and sausages at a picnic

Smokeless and Charcoal Barbecues

Fancy a barbecue tonight? Summer is here, and we’ve got all the must-have equipment and tools to get you ready for outdoor grilling as soon as the sun gets its hat on.

When the delicious aroma of sizzling sausages begins to fill the air on your evening dog walks, it must be barbecue season. We’ve got all your garden get-togethers covered with our fantastic range of barbecue grills, including a wide selection of versatile options from brands like Cobb and Biolite.

Barbecuing with no boundaries

With Cobb’s lightweight, portable cooking systems, you can get your outdoor grill on just about anywhere. The base stays cool to touch even after a long barbecuing session, so you can position it anywhere you like without worrying about the surface – whether that’s the sunniest spot on the grass, or straight on the sand at the beach.

And get ready to expand your barbecuing repertoire, because Cobb’s talents aren’t just reserved for bangers and burgers. You can roast, bake, grill, fry, and smoke everything from a full English to fresh bread, all with maximum flavour and minimum fuss. One of the many fantastic features of the Cobb is the moat at the bottom of the bowl, which can be filled with wine, beer, or cider – along with your favourite seasoning – to infuse your meat as it roasts. No flavourless food here!

All grill, no chill

Everyone knows things can get a little chilly after sunset here in the UK, but Biolite’s range will make sure you stay toasty long after sundown. A barbecue/firepit hybrid, these multi-functional cookers use patented airflow technology to grill your food evenly, while eliminating those clouds of smoke you often see with traditional barbecues. That means no more smoky hair and clothes, and less carbon emissions – win-win!

To really step into the future of barbecuing, you can also control your Biolite’s flames from your phone thanks to clever Bluetooth technology. By keeping the fire at bay, there won’t be any at-risk eyebrows for those sat close by, and you’ll have a party trick that’s much more impressive than your partner’s attempts at juggling.

Raise your outdoor cooking game

Had your eye on an outdoor oven this year? We’ll help you serve up a slice of summer with pizza ovens from customer favourite Ooni, which can reach red-hot temperatures of 500°C in as little as 15 minutes – and produce restaurant-quality pizzas in a mere 60 seconds. Choose from wood-fired, gas-fuelled, and multi-fuel options, with a range of sizes to suit every family. And don’t think outdoor ovens are just for pizzas, either. Your summer Sunday roasts will be transformed when you can cook everything from your favourite meat to the crispiest spuds outdoors – and hopefully the weather will last long enough for you to dine alfresco, too. Mind you, when your outdoor cooking game is this good, not even a bit of summer rain can send you back inside.