The Easy Way to Gelato Happiness

There's no need for expensive specialist equipment with our easy-to-use Gelato Mixes. You can enjoy whipping up and eating delicious home-made Italian-style gelato using only an electric whisk, a bowl and your freezer. Then match the creamy deliciousness of gelato with the crispy crunch of waffle cones for a cool summertime treat!


What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Is gelato the same as ice cream, just with a fancier name? The answer is no – they are very similar, but they have different consistencies and slightly different ingredients. While both ice cream and gelato are made from cream and milk, ice cream contains mostly cream with a small amount of milk, while its Italian cousin gelato contains greater quantities of milk and only a small amount of cream, making it lower in fat. Ice cream also contains egg whites, while gelato traditionally doesn’t.

It’s not just the ingredients that set these two frozen treats apart, as the production method is ever so slightly different too. The churning speed for making gelato is slower than for ice cream, so there is less air, making it denser but also creamier. Gelato is also served at a higher temperature, resulting in a more intense flavour.