This summer, we’ve got all the kit and caboodle you’ll need for flame-grilled feasts, line-dried laundry, home-made frozen treats, cooling drinks, and sun-kissed picnics in the great outdoors.

Goes anywhere. Cooks anything.

It roasts, grills, bakes, fries and smokes outdoors – bring on the sunshine.

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Summertime & Outdoor Living

From tough melamine and planet-friendly bamboo tableware to take-'em-anywhere lunch boxes and cool bags, when it comes to transporting and serving your food outdoors, we've got you covered, even if you're not venturing any further than the back garden. And for even greener picnics, our reusable food wraps will help you do your eco-friendly bit too. You'll find no use-once-and-throw away paper plates here.

Nothing ruins an outdoor feast like bugs, but worry not – our food covers, food umbrellas, lidded containers and insect repellents will keep those not so timorous beasties away so you can dine in peace.

Summertime is barbecue time, and our range of outdoor ovens will have you whipping up pizza in 60 seconds, as well as grilled meat, fish, vegetables and flatbreads too. And because they're lightweight, easy-to-assemble and portable, you can take them away with you on camping and caravanning trips.

When the weather's fine, it's always good to get your washing dried outdoors. Not only is some warm air and sunshine great for drying clothes quickly but it will also help your laundry smell clean and fresh too. Our rotary airers, portable outdoor airers, washing lines and smalls dryers will make the pegging out easy – and talking of pegs, our hold-tight soft grip pegs will make sure your favourite shirt (or worse, your underwear) won't end up in next door’s garden.