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OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

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Vegetable Spiralizer

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4 Stay-Put Chopping Boards

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Cottage Delight Oak-Aged Balsamic Dressing – 220ml

Cottage Delight Oak-Aged Balsamic Dressing – 220ml

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Small Non-Slip Chopping Board

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Salad making and side dishes

There’s something about the sunshine that makes us want to eat fresher, faster and healthier. Bring on the summer salad. It could be a quick evening dinner to enjoy in the sun, a simple side dish to accompany those charred barbecue flavours, or a special dish for a garden dinner party – whatever the occasion, there’s a salad to suit. We’ve got a whole host of salad recipes to whet your appetite, as well as all the gizmos and gadgets you need to perfect your salad making skills. Let’s start chopping, slicing and drizzling!

Spin to serve

Peppery rocket, crisp iceberg, hearty spinach… whatever leaves you choose to start your salad with, they’ll need a good rinse and dry before you start adding your other ingredients. Handy colanders or salad spinners will make this task simple – especially the 2-in-1 spin and strain Colander from Dreamfarm. And you can’t go wrong with Good Grips from OXO. Their Salad Spinner is one of the most recognisable products in this renowned range, and features the patented pump mechanism for super-speedy salad-prep.


Once your leaves have been spun, it’s time for the best bit of salad making – choosing whatever tasty ingredients you like! Adding a grain is a great way to turn a salad from a side dish to the main event, just like in this Beetroot and Broccoli salad bulked up with pearl barley. Get your protein in with some shredded ham, seared tuna or a slice of griddled halloumi. Or keep it simple like this watercress, pea and almond salad.

The possibilities are endless, and there’s so many salad recipes for you to discover. Take a look at the Lakeland Blog for a few more ideas – there’s a salad for every day of the week, and then some.

Twirl and taste

We’ve got another secret to scrumptious salads and great veggie meal prep… the spiralizer. Our specialist vegetable spiralizer creates strings in a matter of seconds – just pop your carrot, courgette, sweet potato or anything you like on the spike, turn the handle and watch those twirly whirly strands come out the other side. Even simpler, you can also use a classic vegetable peeler to create long, flowing ribbons – ideal for this zingy cucumber and mint salad with a fiery Asian dressing.

Finished in a drizzle

A salad without a dressing is like bread without butter… fish without chips… gin without tonic! You always need a shake of something to really bring those veggies to life, even if it’s just a drizzle of olive oil or a bit of balsamic. Our store and pour oil and vinegar set is a great addition to any summer table for people to dress themselves. Or if you’d like to create your own salad dressing, just reach for the OXO Good Grips Mini Shaker. This bottle unscrews at the widest point so it’s easy to add your ingredients, and the cleverly designed spout allows you to add your dressing a little more sparingly.

Of course, you don’t have to make your own salad dressing – there’s nothing wrong with reaching for the bottle. We’ve got some flavour-packed options from speciality makers, Cottage Delight. Try a dash of the Mediterranean with Roast Garlic and Red Pepper, or a shake of Italy from their Basil Pesto dressing – the perfect partner to a pasta salad.