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Taylor Infrared Thermometer

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Pizza oven accessories

Bought a new pizza oven for the summer? Or maybe you’re a current oven owner looking to upgrade your skills this year? Either way, we have all the outdoor oven accessories you could need to cook like a pro.

Using your pizza oven should be just as much fun as eating the doughy delights you create, and the key to elevating your pizza and barbecue game is all our outdoor cooking accessories. Trust us, they’re definitely worth your dough.

Get all fired up

That authentic wood-fired flavour is hard to match, so make sure you’re set for the whole summer with a generous bag of Woodlets Wood Pellets. Easy to light, efficient to burn, and containing absolutely no additives, these 100% wood pellets will produce tasty results and leave behind very little ash – meaning less to clean up afterwards.

Prefer to cook on gas? One of Ooni’s gas burner attachments will easily attach to the back of your main unit (if compatible), allowing you to cook on a blue flame instead of the wood-fired version. This method also gives you total control over the temperature using the simple adjustable dial, ideal for times when you want to cook low and slow.

It’s all about that base

Pizza fans may be divided over the thickness of their perfect dough, their favourite toppings, and whether to opt for a stuffed or thin crust – but I think we can all agree no one wants a soggy base. And the key to a crisp and even base? A baking stone. Ooni’s cordierite stones are resilient at even the highest temperatures – and retain the heat for a brilliant base, every time.

The power of the peel

Burnt fingers aren’t just painful - they distract you from tucking into delicious pizza. So take care sliding your creation in and out of the oven with your very own pizza peel. Thanks to the peel’s even surface, you can build your pizza in one place – before sliding, turning, and retrieving it from the flames with ease. Or to really take things up a notch, a long-handled turning peel is perfect for maneuvering your pizza around in the oven – and the secret to achieving those delicious billowy crusts.

Make the party portable

Investing in an oven carry cover is well worth it for any Ooni pizza oven owner. Simply stretch the cover over the main body of the oven, and you’ll be able to take it with you on your next camping trip or other outdoor adventure. The padded handles won’t leave your hands sore when you’re on the move, and thanks to the durable, 100% waterproof material, your pride and joy will be protected against anything the British weather throws at us.

Speaking of parties… if you’re heading to a party for a pizza fan, Ooni’s Pizzaiolo Apron and Cooking with Fire Cookbook are both sure to be a big hit! Why not treat yourself, too?