Specialist Cleaning

When it comes to getting our home really deep-down clean, we find ourselves turning to our specialist cleaning products time and time again, because we know we can trust them to get the job done.

In your bathroom, Vamoose Bathroom Cleaner will spruce up so many surfaces without you having to scrub. And if your floors could use a little TLC, there’ll be a specialist floor cleaner to help treat everything from carpets to tiles and wood, thanks to fantastic formulas from Bona and Bissell.

For problem areas like grimy tiles, dirty sinks and taps, it’s hard to beat Bio-mex, while the Sonic Scrubber will get into all those nooks and crannies that other cleaners just can’t reach.

Whether it’s an oven cleaner like Oven Mate, which gets your oven back to its sparkling best without you having to scrub at it for hours; or a shower cleaner like Clean Shower, where all you do is spray and walk away, you’ll find all the specialist cleaning equipment you need right here.