Inspired By Mrs Hinch

Are you a #Hincher? Have you been #Hinched? Have you joined the #HinchArmy? Or maybe you’re wondering what on earth we’re talking about?

Sophie Hinchliffe, more commonly known as @mrshinchhome is not only an Instagram star, but ‘cleaning mad’. Her passion for all things clean and tidy led her to join Instagram and just 3 months later she reached over 1 million followers, also known as her Hinchers. Her posts demonstrate the power of all sorts of cleaning products and the importance of great storage and organisational gizmos to keep your house looking neat and tidy.

Mrs Hinch has been spotted using a few of our products from time to time. Some of her favourites being the Sonic Scrubber, Expandable Shelf Organiser, and our Cotton Odour Absorbing Gel. However, we have hundreds of other cleaning and storage products that we feel are essential for any member of the Hinch army.