100 Swantex Paper Drinking Straws – Neon Colours

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25 Swantex Striped Paper Drinking Straws – Summer Colours

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Reusable Food Bags and Containers

You’ve made it clear that it’s really important for you to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics and find reusable alternatives. We know you want to reduce waste by using products multiple times; and once those products are past their best, you want them to be recyclable or, even better, easily biodegradable or compostable.

Check out our range of ‘greener’ options for food storage, packed lunches and everyday shopping. We’ve tracked down reusable food wraps mmade from organic cotton, beeswax and organic jojoba oil that can be used again and again and composted at the end of their life. We’ve discovered reusable food storage bags made from recyclable silicone, and a huge range of durable food storage boxes, including a special range from Lock & Lock that are produced from plastic off-cuts in order to reduce waste. We also have a range of reusable shopping bags, from small ones for fruit and veggies that are so much stronger than the paper bags the supermarkets are switching to in their fruit and veg aisles to larger versions for getting your whole shop home, as well as proper ‘bags for life’, some of which even pack down to pocket-sized to make them really easy to carry with you.

You can find more environmentally friendly products on our Eco-Friendly page. Our blog team have also put together a great article on how you can do your bit: The Eco-Friendly Swap Shop.