Spotlight on strawberries

A celebration of summer’s sweetest gift

When gardens are bursting with these cheery red fruits, it’s a sure sign that summertime has arrived. And whilst we’ll all miss one great British tradition this year, Wimbledon, that doesn’t mean we have to forgo another. Fresh strawberries served with lashings of cream are the ultimate summery treat, and whether you grow them yourself or buy them from the shops, sinking your teeth into these sweet and juicy gems is the true taste of sunshine.

Did you know?
There are only about 50 calories in 100g of strawberries… pass us another punnet!

“Like apples and plums, strawberries come from the rose family and wild strawberries have grown in Britain for centuries.”

It’s difficult to trace the origins of the strawberry, but some records say they were enjoyed as far back as Roman times! What’s certain is that we’re still enjoying them today, and here are some of our favourite ways to eat them – sweet as well as savoury. You can find all of these recipes, and many more, on our blog.

The Queen of tarts
Enjoy a slice of summer with fresh strawberries and a moreish custard filling in our Strawberry Tart.


Strawberry love
Grown up, sweet and crisp, with a little bit of fizz, our Champagne Strawberry Sorbet is romance in a bowl.


Mix it up!
The gourmet way to serve strawberries. Enhanced by a dash of balsamic vinegar, our Strawberry Salad gives heady goat’s cheese a tangy edge. (link to recipe on blog when it’s live)


Did you know?
The first ‘garden strawberry’ is thought to have been bred in France in the 1750s. The scientific name for the everyday strawberry is Fragaria ananassa, derived from the Latin word for fragrant.