Bumble Bee Cake Pops

Pop these cute cake pop critters on any bee-based bake table and they’re sure to buzz off in a hurry! Mouth-watering morsels of cake baked in our Silicone Cake Pop Mould, coated in royal icing and decorated with bee-themed designs, they’ve definitely earned their scrummy stripes!

Step 1 – gather your kit
To make our bee cake pops, we used:

Silicone Cake Pop Mould

• 50g white chocolate

• Small polystyrene cake dummy

Renshaw Ready-to-Use Royal Icing

PME 8 Paste Colours (sunny yellow and midnight black)

Renshaw White Modelling Paste

Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Black Icing

Edible Glue

Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Yellow Icing

Renshaw Ready-to-Roll White Icing

Daisy Icing Cutters

Step-By-Step Bee Cake Pops

Step 2 – bake and coat your pops
Bake 20 pops (we used our recipe for Valentine’s Cake Pops) then pop them out of the mould once cooled. Count out 20 cake pop sticks – they’re supplied with the mould, or available to buy separately here – and set aside. Melt the white chocolate and dip one end of each cake pop stick into the chocolate, then stick that end into the cake pop ball. Push the other end of the stick into a polystyrene cake dummy while the chocolate sets – you can put them into the freezer for a few minutes to speed this up.

Once your sticks are set hard into your cake pops, they’re ready to coat. Mix the royal icing with enough water so that the consistency is thick, but will still run. Divide this evenly between two bowls and add a little yellow food colouring to one bowl, mixing well until fully combined.

Cover half the cake pops with the yellow royal icing and half with the white, spooning the icing over and rotating the pops until fully, evenly covered. Let any excess drip off and then replace your pops in the cake dummy to set – if possible, leave them overnight.

Step-By-Step Bee Cake Pops

Step 3 – decorate the yellow pops
To turn your yellow cake pops into bees, first make the large bee wings. Roll out white modelling paste until very thin, use a small round cutter or the base of a large icing nozzle to cut out and shape ten pairs of wings, then leave to harden. To make the stripes, roll out some black icing and cut into thin strips using a craft knife. Use a little edible glue to attach two stripes to each of your yellow cake pops. For the eyes, roll little balls of the black icing and again, use edible glue to attach.
Finally, attach the wings with edible glue once these have hardened fully – you may need to hold them in place for a while.

Step-By-Step Bee Cake Pops

Step 3 – decorate the white pops
To make the little bees for your white pops, roll small balls of yellow icing into little sausage shapes to form the bodies of your bees and leave to set.  Once these have hardened, use edible glue to attach them to the cake pops. Dip a fine brush into black food colouring and paint on a few black stripes and the eyes. For the wings, roll out a little white icing and use the smallest of the daisy icing cutters to cut out a few flowers. Cut the petals off these flowers and glue two onto the cake pops above the mini bees to make the wings. Finally, use the black colouring to paint looping bee trails onto each pop.

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