In praise of Shark® vacuum cleaners

A quick straw poll among the writing team here at Lakeland revealed that all four of us are proud owners of a Shark vacuum – and we all said it was the best vacuum cleaner we’d ever owned…. (we probably need to get out more). But seriously, we were shocked at just how much dust, dirt and hair a Shark picked up compared to other vacuums we’d had before – from carpets and floors we thought couldn’t possibly be that dirty.

Our customers are big fans of Shark too. Let’s hear from some of them.

There’s this, from Mrs Darling.

“We are so pleased with this. It’s very efficient on both carpets and hard floors, and easy to use. It easily adapts to a hand held version which is very good for stairs, the car. It folds down easily for compact storage. Thoroughly recommend.”

And this, from Miss Wilson.

“This is the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had.”

And we think we can safely say that Naomi was impressed.

“Not only powerful enough to make a thorough job of carpets, the soft brush roller makes hard floors beautifully clean. It manages long hair no problem at all, with none becoming entangled in the rollers. It is so easy and light to use, it has cut the effort of vacuuming my house by about 80%. Seriously! I love this machine! Emptying it is also simple, and it is extremely compact to store. 5+ stars!”

What makes a Shark vacuum so good?

Is it the Anti-Hair Wrap technology, which means the brush head doesn’t tangle with hair (human and pet), so you won’t have to spend time cutting and pulling it out? Definitely.

Is it the powerful suction which picks up dirt you didn’t even realise was there? Yep.

Is it the freedom a cordless model gives you to vacuum the whole house without having to plug and unplug as you move around? Absolutely.

And is it the range of accessories Shark vacuum cleaners have, so you can get into every nook and cranny of your home? Goes without saying.

In short, you won’t regret buying a Shark vacuum cleaner, and within our range of cordless models, which all convert to handheld for convenience and versatility, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. And remember, they’re all covered by our 3-year guarantee, with some models even carrying a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Win-win.

Choose your Shark

If you’re looking for a lightweight grab-and-go vacuum for a quick whizz round, we can recommend a WandVac. It’s perfect for those everyday little mishaps like spilling cereal, dropping crumbs and knocking over pet food. And talking of pets, there’s a WandVac that’s ideal for that pesky gets-everywhere pet hair too.

And for the big clean, we have two powerful models to choose from – both of which are equipped with Flexology to reach under furniture, and Duo-Clean Technology – two motorised brush rolls that work together to clean both carpets and hard floors without needing to change heads. Offering 40 minutes’ run time, the Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum and the Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum Pet will get your floors cleaner than they’ve ever been before.

And if you’re still not convinced, we’ll leave the last word to Mrs Bicknell, who’s waxing lyrical about the Shark WandVac.

“So easy to put together, and simple to use. It glides between carpet and hard floors, manoeuvres sideways and into corners with no effort whatsoever. I thought changing attachments may be a problem as I have arthritis in my thumbs, I was wrong, I had no problem at all, every detail about this vac is perfect for me. No hair to untangle from the floor nozzle, I resorted to scissors with my last vac. The storage base charges the battery, as well as the spare battery. Can’t believe I’m saying I’m looking forward to vacuuming, but I am, because it is so effortless and convenient. Love it!”