And relax… with a weighted blanket

Cosy and calm

It’s only natural to want to feel relaxed and stress-free as often as possible – we’re only human. And with weighted blankets becoming an increasingly popular way to help us do just that, we thought we’d look into how they work, and see if we can help you find a new way to feel even more cosy and calm. But first thing’s first… what is a weighted blanket?

The weight of the world

Sometimes, when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, a little more won’t do you any harm – quite the opposite, in fact. Weighted blankets (or gravity blankets, heavy blankets, or anxiety blankets, as they’re also referred to) are designed to replicate a good old-fashioned hug to help reduce anxiety and even encourage a good night’s sleep. But they’re not solely for use in the bedroom. They’re not so heavy they can’t be carried from the bedroom to the living room, so you can enjoy the benefits whilst curled up on the sofa, before taking it back to bed to help you relax for the night.

How do weighted blankets work?

They imitate a therapeutic technique called ‘Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation’, applying gentle, evenly distributed pressure on the body, which is said to have a positive effect when it comes to relaxing the nervous system. Clever, eh? No wonder hugs make us smile so much.

The right weight for you

In terms of choosing the best weighted blanket for you, it’s generally recommended that you go for one weighing around 10% of your own body weight, in order to get the maximum benefit without it feeling too heavy or constricting. There are a lot of different ones available, but you’ll find two of the most popular right here – a single-sized 5.5kg blanket, recommended for people weighing between 50-65kg (that’s 7½ to 10¼ stone in old money), as well as a double-sized 7kg blanket if you need one that’s a little heavier. The inner blanket is weighted with quartz glass pellets which silently mould around your body, while the soft, quilted outer cover is made from 100% breathable cotton to help stop you getting too hot.

A wealth of well-being

If you like the sound of a little extra rest and relaxation (you’ve probably more than earned it), we’ve got plenty of ways to help you keep calm and stay stress-free. Head over to our website to find a range of products designed to help you do just that, including diffusers, therapy lights, aromatherapy oils and more.