Easter White Rabbit Cake

  • Serves : 12
  • Makes : 1
  • Type : Dessert

Smoothly does it… Sometimes the simplest-looking effects are the hardest to achieve, but this rabbit’s flawless ‘fur’ is easy to make with Renshaw’s Ready to Roll White Icing. This is one white rabbit nobody will want to be late to the party!


  • 6″ vanilla sponge cake (4″ depth) 
  • 400g Renshaw Vanilla Frosting 
  • 750g Renshaw White Ready to Roll Icing 
  • 250g Renshaw White Flower & Modelling Paste 
  • 250g Renshaw Pink Flower & Modelling Paste 
  • black food pen 
  • 1 tube edible glue 


  1. Gather your equipment: 10″ cake board; Rolling pin; Icing sugar; Smoothers; Knife; Kebab skewers; Boiled, cooled water; Water brush; Palette knife; Cake Lifter
  2. Prepare the cake by masking the outside with vanilla frosting.
  3. Knead the ready to roll white icing on a clean, dry surface until pliable. Dust the work surface with icing sugar and roll out the icing until it’s 3-4 mm thick and large enough to cover the cake.
  4. Cover the cake and smooth over the top surface and down the sides with the palm of your hand. Trim off any excess with a sharp knife.
  5. Brush the cake board with water and cover using the remaining white icing.
  6. Transfer the cake to the covered cake board using the cake lifter.
  7. To create the ears, knead the White Flower & Modelling Paste until pliable. Divide into two and shape each into a sausage shape. Roll out the shapes until 5mm thick. Cut into ear shapes and carefully insert a skewer dampened with water through the centre of each ear. There should be enough skewer at the bottom of the ear to insert through the depth of the cake. For the inner ear, knead the Pink Flower & Modelling Paste and roll out to 1-2mm thick. Cut the same shape as for the white, only smaller. Allow to set before attaching to the white ears with a small amount of water.
  8. Mix the remaining White Flower & Modelling Paste and white icing together to create a 50:50 modelling paste.
  9. For the nose, use 40g of the 50:50 modelling paste. Shape into an oval and mark a line down the centre with the back of a knife. Attach to the front of the cake using a little water. Next, shape a 5g piece of the pink paste into an oval and flatten lightly between your forefinger and thumb. Attach to the nose with water.
  10. For the feet, use the 50:50 modelling paste and create two 40g balls. Shape each of them into a rounded cone and flatten slightly with your palm of your hand. Mark two lines with the back of a knife to make the toes.
  11. Create 6 small (1g) balls of Pink Flower & Modelling Paste and press onto the toe area of the paws, attaching with a small amount of water. Create 2 larger (2g) balls and press onto the centre of each paw. Attach to the cake with water.
  12. Once the icing on the cake has started to firm, draw the eyes and whiskers with the edible food pen.
  13. Insert the dried ears through the cake and secure the base of the ears to the top of the cake with a small amount of edible glue.