Mother’s Day Decorative Cream Eclairs

  • Serves : 4
  • Type : Dessert

Spoil your mother with these delicious cream éclairs.


  • 225ml milk 
  • 115g butter 
  • 142g all-purpose flour 
  • eggs 
  • A pinch of salt 


  1. Put your cubed butter, salt and milk into a large saucepan and heat gently until the butter has melted. Once melted, bring the mixture briefly to the boil. Remove the pan from the heat as soon as it starts to boil and then add the flour.
  2. Beat the mixture with a wooden spoon until it thickens and you can form a smooth ball of dough, leaving the sides of the pan clean. Transfer into a cool bowl and allow to cool for a couple of minutes, then add beaten eggs one at a time, beating them into the dough vigorously. Stop adding egg if the mixture starts to loosen, but otherwise carry on adding until your dough forms a stiff, glossy paste.
  3. Pipe or spoon your mixture into moulds to make puffs, buns, profiteroles or eclairs, then place in a hot oven (about 200°C) as quickly as possible.
  4. After removing from the oven, transfer your crisp, golden pastries to a cooling rack and split one side of each open, allowing steam to escape to prevent the pastry becoming soggy. Cool on a wire rack and only add your cream or chosen filling once fully cooled.
  5. When they are all filled, make the icing by combining 200g icing sugar with a little water until you have a stiff consistency. Add your food colouring to make your desired colour and spoon onto your eclairs. Leave to set and drizzle melted chocolate over the top, and sprinkle on your chosen toppings. We used crushed pistachios, raspberries and pomegranate seeds.