Chocolate Cake

Hot Choc Swiss Roll thumbnail image


Hot Choc Swiss Roll

Roll up, roll up, roll up! This delicious cake version of hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream is hard to beat when you’re after a...

Chocolate Shard Cake thumbnail image


Chocolate Shard Cake

Glitzy and glamorous with its gleams of gold and silver sparkles, our fantastic skyscraper of a bake makes a showstopping centrepiece to any...

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes thumbnail image


Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

With their rich hot chocolate-flavoured sponge bases and towering toppings of Italian meringue, these lovely morsels are perfect for a chocolatey...

Chocolate Traybake Recipe thumbnail image


Chocolate Traybake Recipe

Who doesn’t love a chocolate cake? And with cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips and a chocolate ganache topping, everyone’ll be going back for...

Chocolate Orange Battenberg Cake thumbnail image


Chocolate Orange Battenberg Cake

Chocolate and orange flavours taste terrific in this variation of a classic favourite. It’s made in the Tala Battenberg Tin, with its clever...

Mini Black Forest Cakes thumbnail image


Mini Black Forest Cakes

A tiny twist on a Black Forest gateau, these single-serve bakes have the same delicious mix of flavours – chocolate, cherries, cream – and are...

Chocolate Matcha Camouflage Cake thumbnail image


Chocolate Matcha Camouflage Cake

Swirl together matcha and chocolate cake mixtures to give a lovely marbled effect that looks just like camouflage. With its melted chocolate and cream...