Sides & Snack Recipes

Bacon Lattice Stuffing Bake thumbnail image


Bacon Lattice Stuffing Bake

A great way to get ahead on the Christmas dinner, you can bake this stuffing ahead of time, wrapped and roasted in an overlapping lattice of...

Nutty Stuffing Balls thumbnail image


Nutty Stuffing Balls

These tasty sausage meat, mushroom and herb stuffing balls are rolled in finely chopped almonds and mixed seeds, then frozen so that they’re...

Ready-To-Roll Roasties thumbnail image


Ready-To-Roll Roasties

Worried you won’t have time to do all the Christmas cooking and roasting on the big day itself? Parboil and freeze your potatoes beforehand, then...

EasiYo Overnight Oats thumbnail image


EasiYo Overnight Oats

If you’ve already discovered the joys of EasiYo yoghurt making, then here’s a great serving idea that, with just a little bit of prep the...