Lékué Microwave Grill Recipes

Brie & Cranberry Toasted Baguette thumbnail image


Brie & Cranberry Toasted Baguette

A classic combination – the creaminess of melted brie marries perfectly with the deliciously fruity cranberry jelly for a sweet and savoury toastie...

Toasted Blt Bagel thumbnail image


Toasted Blt Bagel

Bland, limp, tasteless – that’s what a shop-bought BLT usually means. And who wants that? Make this one yourself for a BLT that’s brilliantly...

Quesadillas with Salmon and Avocado thumbnail image


Quesadillas with Salmon and Avocado

Take a lunchtime trip to Latin America with this colourful hot-stuff quesadilla that will do the Mexican hat dance on your taste buds.Made using...