Ice Cream & Lolly Recipes

Baked Alaska thumbnail image


Baked Alaska

This spectacular dessert is simply the best – created with home-made vanilla ice cream on a butter-sponge base, encased in golden meringue. Make...

Froyo Berry Crunchies thumbnail image


Froyo Berry Crunchies

Blissful, biscuity treats topped with a delicious dome of fruity frozen yoghurt – there’s no better dessert to serve up on a hot summer’s day,...

Flapjack Froyo Cups thumbnail image


Flapjack Froyo Cups

Think yoghurt’s just for breakfast? Try it in summer heat-beating frozen form with these cute, crunchy, creamy, chilled-out bites, made using the...

Mango & Coconut Froyo Madeleines thumbnail image


Mango & Coconut Froyo Madeleines

A treat of tropical flavours, these sweet, mango-packed shells of frozen yoghurt with their sprinkling of toasted coconut make a perfect summery snack...

Watermelon & Raspberry Froyo Lollies thumbnail image


Watermelon & Raspberry Froyo Lollies

There’s nothing as refreshing as a slice of juicy, thirst-quenching watermelon on a hot day, so we’ve paired its fresh flavour with raspberries...