Mini Mince Pies thumbnail image


Mini Mince Pies

Topped with Christmassy stars, holly leaves and a dusting of icing sugar, our mincemeat-filled mini masterpieces make fabulously festive nibbly bits...

Cherry Frangipane Tart thumbnail image


Cherry Frangipane Tart

When you’re looking to serve a home-made slice of something wonderful – without having lots of baking skills or experience to call upon –...

Marmalade & Almond Tart thumbnail image


Marmalade & Almond Tart

Marmalade doesn’t just belong on toast (though we can’t think of anything we’d rather spread on our slices). This marmalade-topped tart is a...

Christmas Stollen Squares thumbnail image


Christmas Stollen Squares

Take a buttery biscuit base, then top it with grated marzipan and sponge cake dotted with rum-soaked raisins and glacé cherries to make our...

Baked Alaska thumbnail image


Baked Alaska

This spectacular dessert is simply the best – created with home-made vanilla ice cream on a butter-sponge base, encased in golden meringue. Make...

Autumn Fruitfulness Lattice Pie thumbnail image


Autumn Fruitfulness Lattice Pie

There’s a lovely mixture of autumn fruits in this glorious puff-topped pie, and the intricate lattice top is effortless thanks to our