Bonfire & Halloween Recipes

Bonfire Parkin thumbnail image


Bonfire Parkin

Dark, moist and moreish, this gingery bonfire parkin is the stuff of childhood memories. Nobody should watch fireworks bursting in the sky without...

Halloween Meringue Ghosts thumbnail image


Halloween Meringue Ghosts

Whoooh whooooh’d be scared of these crunchy, creamy little treats? Us, to be honest – we’d swear their eyes followed us around the room,...

Halloween Monster Burgers thumbnail image


Halloween Monster Burgers

Halloween isn’t all about trick or treat chocolate and sweets – there’s a whole host of spooky savouries you can make too – like our...

Halloween Monster Eyeball Cupcakes thumbnail image


Halloween Monster Eyeball Cupcakes

Disclaimer: no monsters were harmed in the making of these sweetly spooky cupcakes. But quite a lot of icing (and your fingers, and your faces)...