Cupcake Recipes

Mini Carrot Sandwich Cakes thumbnail image


Mini Carrot Sandwich Cakes

A dozen double-decker bakes, topped with a crop of (sugar) carrots and packed with good-for-you (honest) carrots and raisins. Just the thing for...

Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes thumbnail image


Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

Spoil someone important with these delicious cupcakes that are filled with juicy fresh strawberries and topped with a beautiful pink strawberry...

Mini Striped Easter Cheesecakes thumbnail image


Mini Striped Easter Cheesecakes

So cute – and so guest-impressing! – these no-bake cheesecakes stack up a multi-coloured Easter treat, and they’re so easy to adapt for other...

Jamaican Easter Spiced Buns thumbnail image


Jamaican Easter Spiced Buns

Traditionally served with cheese, these rich, fruit-packed, spicy buns make a tasty teatime treat or supper snack.Made in our 12 Hole Loose-Based Mini...

Mini Christmas Tree Cakes thumbnail image


Mini Christmas Tree Cakes

‘O Christmas trees, o Christmas trees, how tasty are your branches…!’ Standing tall on their ‘snow’-topped cakey bases, these festive firs...

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes thumbnail image


Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

With their rich hot chocolate-flavoured sponge bases and towering toppings of Italian meringue, these lovely morsels are perfect for a chocolatey...

Red Velvet Valentines Cupcakes thumbnail image


Red Velvet Valentines Cupcakes

Ooh, couldn’t you just pick one up and eat it? Red velvet cupcakes always feel like a proper treat, but they’re no more difficult to bake than a...

Mini Black Forest Cakes thumbnail image


Mini Black Forest Cakes

A tiny twist on a Black Forest gateau, these single-serve bakes have the same delicious mix of flavours – chocolate, cherries, cream – and are...