Hand-Made Bread Recipes

Easter Bunny Bread Rolls thumbnail image


Easter Bunny Bread Rolls

Straight from raiding the vegetable patch, these carrot-toting little bunnies are on a mission… to add a charming (and tasty) little twist to your...

Matcha Chelsea Bun Swirls thumbnail image


Matcha Chelsea Bun Swirls

Rather like Chelsea buns, this recipe uses an enriched yeast dough, topped with a matcha, butter, sugar, chopped almond and grated orange zest...

Tomato & Poppy Seed Mini Loaves thumbnail image


Tomato & Poppy Seed Mini Loaves

Every picnic can use a few bready bits and these savoury little rolls certainly fit the bill.Beautifully baked in our Reinforced Silicone 12 Rectangle...

Cheddar Cheese Mini Loaf Scones thumbnail image


Cheddar Cheese Mini Loaf Scones

These fantastic mini loaves smell heavenly as they bake – and they look and taste wonderful too! Perfect for packing into your picnic basket for...

Focaccia with Black Olives thumbnail image


Focaccia with Black Olives

Why not give our fabulous focaccia recipe a go, a versatile bread which tastes and looks great with almost any dish from around the world.