Places you forget to spring clean: the best ways to clean every inch of your home

When we think of a deep clean, it’s usually the oven, floors and windows that automatically spring to mind. But what about the places we often forget about? We can all be guilty of neglecting certain spots in the home – particularly things we use or touch every day but overlook when it comes to our regular cleaning routine.

We’ve done a round-up of those forgotten nooks and crannies or hard-to-reach spots which deserve some extra TLC. Use this checklist to blast through any unwanted germs and clean every inch of your home.

1. Light switches

We’d hazard a guess that one of the first things you do when walking into a room is to switch on the light. Although they might not ‘look’ dirty, light switches are often a haven for nasty germs, so it’s important to regularly give them a wipe down with these biodegradable Mabu Cleaning Cloths and an anti-bacterial spray.

2. Inside the washing machine

Let’s be honest – your clothes aren’t going to get clean in a dirty machine. Keep the inside of your washing machine sparkling clean and smelling fresh by adding white vinegar and baking soda directly into the drum and popping it on an empty wash at the highest possible temperature. Then use the Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Tool, which works like an electric toothbrush to get rid of any dirt trapped in those fiddly gaps behind the seal of the drum and in the detergent drawer.

3. TV remotes

Mini Cleaning Brush Sticks

Household gadgets including TV remotes, gaming controllers and mobile phones are used by every member of the family, but rarely receive the attention they need when it comes to cleaning. Don’t forget to give them a weekly wipe down with a disinfectant like Zoflora – just spray diluted solution onto a dry cloth and hey presto! Top tip: you can even get right into the buttons and joysticks with a small cotton bud or these Mini Cleaning Brush Sticks – they’re great for all those fiddly bits on your hob and cooker knobs too.

4. Tap heads

Nothing attracts limescale quite like a tap head. If you find your kitchen tap is prone to getting clogged up, we’ve got you covered with the Limey Tap Head Cleaner and Descaler. Just add some descaler into the clever container and fit it over the tap head – in 15 minutes, your tap will be limescale-free and look as good as new.

5. Radiators

Dust can easily collect on your radiators, which can lead to a strange, burning smell when they’re switched on. Not only that, the dust particles circulate more easily in warm air, so you may even find that having your heating on can make allergies worse. So, grab your duster – or even better, a Microfibre Radiator Brush for those narrow spaces, and give your radiators a regular once-over to drive away the dust.

6. Skirting boards

3 Magic Eraser Stain Remover Cleaning Blocks

You’ll be amazed at how much dust can build up on your skirting boards. They can be easily forgotten about, particularly when hidden behind furniture, so make sure you add them to your cleaning routine. For any particularly tricky-to-reach skirting spots (with minimal furniture moving required), the Flatmate Long Flat Duster never fails. And for those annoying little scuffs that can irritate, a Magic Eraser Block will come to your rescue.

7. Drains

The thought of cleaning a drain is enough to fill anyone with dread. Luckily, it’s as easy as can be with Drain Weasel Wands – they’re long enough to reach the deepest, darkest depths of the u-bend to remove any build-up and keep drains flowing as they should. If you’re short of time and need a solution within seconds, these Enzyme Cleaning Sticks work a treat. Just drop one into the plughole and let the natural enzymes do all the hard work for you.

8. Everywhere else

Isn’t it annoying – that tile in the far corner that’s never as shiny as its neighbours because it’s just out of your reach? Whether it’s limescale on your shower head that’s elusive, or your windows, bath or kitchen cupboards that need a bit more elbow grease, the extra-long AirCraft PowerScrub Cordless Cleaning Kit will be your best friend in the kitchen and bathroom, with its extension pole, oscillating head and whizzy attachments.

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