Outdoor Eating Recipes

Summer is here, hurrah! And that can only mean one thing – picnics, barbecues and long evenings in the garden. Bliss. Everything tastes better outdoors (not scientifically backed-up, but definitely true), so if you’re looking for some alfresco food inspiration we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re firing up the barbecue or your pizza oven, or packing up a picnic full of taste bud-tempting nibbles, you’ll find lots of lovely recipes below!


Picture the scene: the sun is beating down, the family is round and the sound (and smell) of sizzling sausages is all you can hear (and smell!)… is there a more relaxing scene than a barbecue? There are plenty of barbecues out there, from cheap disposable ones to heavier, bulkier ones, but if you’re looking for one that brings out the flavour of your food with minimum fuss, we’ve got some great options for you to choose from. 

Here’s are favourite barbecue recipes…

Barbecued Sardines with Wild Rocket Salsa – Simple, swift and scrumptious

Oriental Mini Sweetcorn Skewers – spicy and sweet sweetcorn side dish

Barbecued Pineapple Wedges with Coconut & Chocolate – When the burgers and kebabs have all been served up, it’s time for dessert! We love this wonderfully summery pud that couldn’t be easier to cook on the barbecue – it looks spectacular and tastes even better.

Homemade Pizzas

If you’re going to cook pizzas, you may as well do it the proper way. The thing is, most domestic ovens simply can’t reach the temperature required to achieve that authentic, fire-kissed taste that makes a proper pizza taste the way it does. But, a pizza oven does just that!

Try out our favourite recipes…

Ooni’s Pepperoni Pizza – The most frequently ordered pizza around the world, the Pepperoni is a true classic. The spicy sausage pairs perfectly with the creamy mozzarella and our tart, garlic-spiked pizza sauce. We always find this one to be a real crowd-pleaser!

Italian Antipasti Pizza –  load up your pizza base with Italian meats like Parma ham or Prosciutto

Ooni’s Green Pesto and Goats’ Cheese Pizza – With tangy goats’ cheese and homemade green pesto, this picture-perfect pizza looks almost as good as it tastes!


Fact – food tastes better outdoors (not a scientific fact, but we’ve decided it’s true), especially when the sun is shining. And nothing says ‘Great British summer’ better than a picnic. Here’s our favourite picnic recipes.

If you are feeling fancy our Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Mini-Mousse Sandwiches are perfect for a picnic in the park, or for a family feast try our super filling Stuffed Picnic Loaf recipe.

When it comes to picnic snacks, go homemade with out Thai prawn mini bakes – bursting with fresh, zingy flavours, these bite-sized fishcakes are perfect for picnics