Clothes Dryers and Airers for Outdoor Drying

The sunny season of outdoor clothes drying has arrived!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fresh, sun-dried laundry. It’s something we all miss during the colder months. Thankfully, it’s finally time to celebrate the arrival of springtime and sunnier weather, so we’re giving our outdoor drying range a shout out!

We love a good drying day as much as the next person. Whatever outdoors means to you – a garden, your backyard or balcony or just an open window – we’ve got the drying solutions to match. There are plenty of fun and innovative products out there to help you get spring-breeze freshness.

Benefits of Drying Clothes Outdoors

But why are we so excited about unpacking our rotary washing lines and unravelling our outdoor clothes lines? Well, drying clothes outdoors has a whole load of benefits over indoor drying. Making the seasonal switch to alfresco laundry days can do wonders for your clothes, your washing routine and the planet.

Outdoor airer and collapsible laundry basket

Extend the Life of Your Clothes

Outdoor drying is a delicate process. The high heat and heavy handling of a tumble dryer, can stress fabric, leaving your garments vulnerable to wear and tear. On a good drying day, with nice weather and an outdoor clothes dryer, you can leave your things to dry gently in the breeze. This preserves their quality and will ensure that they last longer.

It’s Environmentally Friendly and Cheap

Whatever it is that motivates you to turn off your tumble dryer – be it your household bills or your green conscience – follow that instinct and pick up your outdoor clothes airer. Take advantage of the sunshine and reduce the amount of energy you use on laundry day. Your clothes will dry just as well, but your outdoor airer won’t cost you a penny to use.

Makes Life Easier

By letting the sun and wind work their magic, outdoor drying takes a load of work off your plate. It’s a low fuss drying solution, and it even gives you the excuse to lounge in the sun yourself, or just to enjoy the rays for a few extra minutes each day. Bliss.

For Garden Owners, Nothing Beats a Rotary Airer

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then you’ll already know something of the joys of outdoor drying. But until you’ve tried and tested a rotary airer, you haven’t known full, fresh laundry satisfaction.

Rotary dryers hold more washing than a traditional clothesline, so you can hang out all your laundry at once. It gets better – because they rotate in the breeze, they also dry clothes faster than static lines. On a windy day, your washing will be shaken dry in no time as the clothes get max air exposure. Spin and win!

And because it spins all the way around, you can hang everything out on the lines without having drag a heavy basket across the garden. It’s often the little details that make the difference – like the loops on the end of each arm, perfect for drying a jacket or shirt on a coat hanger.

Even if you have a modest sized garden, rotary clothes lines are a good option because of their compact structure. Installation is easy as they don’t need more than a small patch of ground to stand on. Once closed, they’re no bigger than a garden post.

Plus, many of our outdoor rotary airers come with bespoke covers. You can keep your washing line clean, safe from the elements and stylishly dressed when it’s not in use.

Outdoor Rotary Washing Lines and Airers

There are so many rotary dryers, outdoor airers and clotheslines out there. Trying to find the right one for your garden is enough to make you break out in a sweat. But don’t worry, we’re here to help lighten your laundry load. In our guide to the best rotary airers for the sunny outdoors, you’ll find great product pointers and recommendations.

Our top choice: 50m Lakeland Telescopic Rotary Airer

50m Lakeland Telescopic Rotary Airer

The Lakeland Telescopic Rotary Airer can hold up to 30kg of laundry – that’s over three loads of washing. Not only is this a super satisfying feat, but getting everything clean and dry in one day is a huge timesaver.

Once you’ve decided on your new outdoor dryer, you’ll be ready for the next important question – what pegs to use on your outside clothes lines. Have a browse of our clothes peg range here and even pick out some fun peg bags too while you’re there.

Portable Airers Are Perfect for Sunny Backyards and Patios

From a sun-bleached balcony to a cool shady courtyard, any outdoor space can be used to infuse your laundry with crisp spring scents. Clothes horses and portable drying racks come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the space you’re working with and however big the load you’re drying, there’s one made just to match.

The classic clothes horse is a known quantity. They do the job well indoors, but outside they can be vulnerable to tumbling over in the wind. Some of our clothes airers have sturdier designs, like this multi-sided clothes horse, which fare better outside. If you’re in a sheltered location, this might not worry you. But for anyone on windier ground, you might be better off with a portable rotary airer. They are squat, sturdy and easy to move.

For super-space efficiency though, taller is better. Our taller clothes dryers can often fit multiple loads of washing and have different set up options for both ‘dry flat’ items and attaching clothes hangers. Plus, you can always haul the whole thing inside if the clouds start to gather.

Portable Foldable Clothes Drying Racks

Despite their compact nature, not everyone has space for a permanent rotary airer in their garden. If you’re looking for something more than the classic clothes horse, there are lots of lightweight modern outdoor dryers to choose from.

Our top choice: Lakeland Free Standing Rotary Airer

This is just the thing. You get 19m of outside clothes lines to set up under the sun, then, once your laundry is dry, simply fold the airer away and pop it in your house, or, better still, in the shed or garage. This compact storage solution will leave you with the whole of your patio to enjoy.

Throw Open a Window and Hang Up the Clothes Line

If you’re short on outdoor space but still want to get that sun-touched fabric, then throw open a window! There are plenty of indoor clothes dryers and airers that can take full advantage of window light and a well channelled breeze.

All you need is a warm window ledge and you can attach a peg laundry hanger. Your socks will soak up the sun’s rays and be dry in no time. Or, if floor space is running short, find a well-lit spot to put up an indoor clothes line. As long as you’ve got warmth and that fresh air circulation from an open window, you’ll have dry and fragrant laundry in no time. And a retractable washing line can be easily put away after use, so you can make the most of your limited drying space without entangling your whole home.

If Poor Weather Conditions Catch You Out

Let’s face it, the only truly predictable thing about the British weather is the fact it’s unpredictable. You could well find yourself with a basket full of wet laundry on a summer’s day in June, with storm clouds outside the window. If that happens, you’ll want a reliable indoor drying option to save the day.

Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer

That’s where our exclusive range of Dry:Soon heated airers comes in. Made from robust yet lightweight aluminium, they dry your clothes gently and without using staggering amounts of energy.

If you want to work out which Dry:Soon heated airer is best for you, check out our heated clothes airers guide. They’re easy to move around and fold down small for storage, so there’s bound to be one to suit every home!

Our top choice: Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer

This model offers a generous 21 metres of drying space and holds up to 15kg of washing on its 3 tiers. For days when the sun doesn’t show, and for year-round laundry drying support, a heated airer is a marvel.

Now you’re ready to upgrade your laundry life in time for summer. Give one of our rotary dryers a spin or chase the sun with one of our portable outdoor clothes airers. Of course, if you want to keep hanging with the classics, that’s fine too. Just make sure that you check out our range of laundry accessories before you go. From collapsible laundry baskets to specially designed shoe dryers, there are loads of ways to optimise your drying routine.

So, as you make the most of your outdoor clothes drying setup, bask in the knowledge that your clothes will last longer, your laundry routine will be smoother, and your environmental footprint lighter. Drying laundry outdoors isn’t just easier, it’s better! Here’s to the sunny days ahead.