Little Gems – January

The unsung heroes… those little things that make your life just that little bit easier… the ideas that are so obvious you wonder why no-one’s thought of them before! To celebrate our 60th birthday year, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our favourite Lakeland Little Gems, that are, in our opinion, 100% deserving of a spot in your home. After all, it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Lakeland 500ml Soup & Sauce Bags

Soup and Sauce bags for Little Gems in January

A life-saver when it comes to freezing leftovers and batch-cooked meals for the week ahead, our space-savvy Soup ‘n’ Sauce Bags have been a staple in our range for many years – and they’re not going anywhere!

5* Review

As usual these live up to the quality we expect from Lakeland.” – John Appleton, via website

Kathryn, Cooking buyer says:

“My mum has been an avid user of these for years. She’s a stickler for quality and something that will last so they must be good! She reuses them time and again which shows how sturdy and robust they are. Easy to fill with their flat bases and easy to pour from, thanks to the heavy gauge material used to make them. Some of the many reasons they’ve been in the range for so long. Also I’d be in trouble with my mum if I took them out!”

Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker

Lakeland Digital Soup Maker for Little Gems in January

At Lakeland, we don’t do things by halves – unless it’s finding ways to half your hassle for the same great results. The Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker cuts, blends, cooks, simmers and stirs your soup from start to finish, all in one jug, for seamless soup making.

5* Review

Super – the best I’ve ever had.” – Mrs Langley, via website

Kathryn, Cooking buyer says:

“The thing I love about the touchscreen soup maker is it’s so intuitive and easy to use. The auto-clean function certainly makes life easier, too. It’s also my soup maker and blender in one. Less machines in the kitchen? Yes please!”

Lakeland Garlic Rocker Chopper

Garlic Rocker Chopper for Little Gems in January

Known for our helpful gadgets and innovations, we wanted to help make garlic crushing easy for everyone. Developed directly with people with dexterity issues, this simple, innovative little gem makes light work of garlic prep.

Kathryn, Cooking buyer says:

“This was developed directly with people with dexterity issues. We looked at the many challenges involved in chopping or crushing garlic when you have dexterity issues and how to combat them. We had many versions and iterations and we believe we’ve come up with something that takes away the grip and squeezing challenges that can come with most garlic crushers/choppers on the market. Our rocker is also easier to clean with no mesh, nooks or crannies that can become food traps. Hopefully it helps to make this kitchen task quicker and easier for all.”

SharpPeel Vegetable Peeler

SharpPeel Vegetable Peller for Little Gems in January

Finding a good veg peeler can be a challenge, but our SharpPeel Vegetable Peeler has more than earned its name. A Lakeland favourite for over a decade, this little wonder makes even the toughest skins feel like butter.

5* Review

“This is quite simply the best peeler I’ve ever owned.” – Lucie Brione, via website

Kathryn, Cooking buyer says:

“This has been a favourite in our house for 10 years. It really makes peeling effortless and tackles veg with the toughest skins, taking off just the thinnest layer of peel. I’ve almost peeled myself a few times too! They’re called SharpPeel for a reason.”

Misto Oil Sprayer

Misto Oil Sprayer for Little Gems in January

A customer favourite for many years, when the Misto Oil Sprayer briefly left the range, we were inundated with people begging us to bring it back. So we did.

5* Review

“Don’t know how I managed without this in my life…” – Mrs Geegan, via website

Kathryn, Cooking buyer says:

“I’m not a fan of non-refillable items like salt, pepper and oil sprays for from the supermarkets. I want to be able to refill and reuse. The Misto is great for this. I can use the oil I like and I can rely on the Misto not to clog like other sprays on the market. This has been a customer favourite for years. It left the range briefly but we only got asked to bring it back again!”