Flower Power

Make your fizz more fabulous with our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup 

 width=It’s party time. Do you serve plain old prosecco, or floral flutes of fizz that will have everyone mesmerised? The latter? That’s what we thought you’d say. A bottle of bubbles is practically compulsory when it comes to celebrating, and these magically opening Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup will make yours stand out from the crowd.

Inside this jewel of a jar are some rather remarkable Australian flora to add to drinks; pop the lid and you’ll discover 11 little hibiscus flowers that turn on the charm when placed in a glass of sparkly champagne or Prosecco… Drenched in deep red hibiscus syrup, they’re perfect for any special dinner, party or celebration, and guests will gaze in wonder as the fizz makes the petals open up as if by magic, revealing a pretty hibiscus bloom and a glass of bubbly with a delicate pink blush.

Get the best from your flowery fizz

  1. Place a hibiscus bud in the bottom of a flute.
  2. Spoon in a little of the crimson syrup.
  3. Fill with champagne or Prosecco.
  4. Watch the petals unfurl & your drink turn pink.
  5. Sip and enjoy your beautiful bubbly.

Cocktail creations
It’s the bubbles that help make the magic, so these little hibiscus buds will transform before your eyes in lemonade, soda and spritzers too. They’re a match made in heaven for cocktails, and whether you spoon in some of the crimson syrup for cocktails with a festive hue, or give springtime mixology a floral flourish, you’re sure to captivate quaffers.

100% natural, each flower was hand-picked from the foothills of Australia’s sunny Blue Mountains before being carefully placed into a mixture of spring water and pure Australian cane sugar – nothing else – making the glorious best of what nature has to offer and keeping the flowers naturally preserved, candied and ready to eat. Naturally infusing, the ingredients combine to create a deep crimson hibiscus syrup and little buds that slowly open to cause fascination when mixed with fizz.

A happy accident
The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company was founded in Australia by Lee Etherington back in 1999. It was by chance at a more-than-lively dinner party one night that a hibiscus flower was accidentally dropped into a glass of champagne. Watching in amazement as the flower started to unfurl in the glass, an idea was sparked, and Lee set to work creating the first bottled hibiscus flowers in syrup.

Australia’s floral export
Lee and the team have built a happy relationship with the flower farmers they work with across the Australasian tropical belt, and select only the best edible hibiscus. Most people are familiar with the ornate garden varieties, but the yummy edible hibiscus – also known as Rosella flowers – grows on the fringes of the rainforest and is often found behind sand dunes in the tropical north of Australia. The fresh flowers are individually hand-picked, de-seeded and cleaned; the flowers grow in several different shapes, so they’re carefully nestled into jars by hand to ensure that none are squashed. It’s a labour of love!

Give puds a floral flourish
As well as making your flutes of fizz more fun, the sweet raspberry and rhubarb-flavoured buds are good enough to eat and lend a lovely finishing touch to puddings.

Back in vogue, and back on dessert plates in fancy restaurants, edible flowers give sweet courses a colourful, impressive finish. As a twist on the trend, try these striking blooms with ice cream and trifles, on cupcakes, panna cotta or strawberry-topped meringues, or with a little of the vibrant jewel-coloured syrup drizzled over a wedge of cheesecake…

A Lakeland bestseller and an instant way to turn Prosecco into a party piece, this little pot of magic has wowed thousands of happy sippers, so crack open the bubbly and wait for oohhs and aahhs as the flowers unfurl…