Getting the Spring in Your Step

While we’re all spending more time indoors, it’s a good opportunity to do some of those household jobs we’ve been putting off for ages. It’s also a great chance to get a head start on your spring cleaning.

Where to begin? Deciding to tidy your entire home can be daunting. It’s hard to know where to start, and sometimes that can be enough to stop you altogether.

We suggest doing it in stages: maybe today you tackle the kitchen; tomorrow the bathroom; and then by the weekend, you could take on the bedroom. Dedicating a good chunk of time to one room in your house will allow you to focus your efforts and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when everything is done.

Here are five top tips for deep cleaning any room:

  1. Declutter the surfaces:
    Take all your books, accessories and appliances off your surfaces and pop them in a box. Empty the cupboards and drawers. You can organise these things later, but this will give you a chance to see what you’re working with.
  2. Be ruthless but resourceful:
    Have a good clear out of your cupboards – you might just find some hidden gems. That tin of tuna in your kitchen cupboard is just one potato and some breadcrumbs away from being scrumptious fish cakes. Make the most of what you’ve got.
  3. Clean and clear:
    While all your surfaces and drawers are clear, whip out the cleaning solutions and go to town on the crumbs and dust. Remember to give the handles a once-over too.
  4. Reorganise:
    Now it’s time for the fun part: reorganising what you have into the lovely clean spaces you’ve made. Remember to empty the crumbs from the toaster and wipe the dust from picture frames and mirrors with a microfibre cloth.
  5. Vacuum and mop last:
    After you dust, clean and polish your surfaces, it’s inevitable that some crumbs and dust will have made their way onto the floor. Always leave the vacuuming and mopping to the end of your deep clean. This will save you from meeting yourself coming backwards doing the same job. Our sage advice for this is to pop the kettle on just before you start, then when you’re done you can have a well-deserved brew!