Food tastes so much better outdoors

Summer is here, hurrah! And that can only mean one thing – picnics, barbecues and long evenings in the garden. Bliss. Everything tastes better outdoors (not scientifically backed-up, but definitely true), so we’ve put together our best tips and products to help you make the most of the summer sun.

Fresh-air feasts – barbecue style

Picture the scene: the sun is beating down, the family is round and the sound (and smell) of sizzling sausages is all you can hear (and smell!)… is there a more relaxing scene than a barbecue?

There are plenty of barbecues out there, from cheap disposable ones to heavier, bulkier ones, but if you’re looking for one that brings out the flavour of your food with minimum fuss, we’ve got some great options for you to choose from. 

We’ve sold Cobb’s incredibly versatile, portable barbecues for years because of their cook-anything, eat-anywhere versatility. Cobb’s talents are second to none, beautifully barbecuing, roasting, baking, grilling and frying, and now with the addition of the Premier+ Gas Barbecue Cooking System, you can now cook with gas to make life even easier.

For those who love to barbecue all day and night, the portable and easy-to-set-up Asado Uber-Q Barbecue is revolutionary in its design, and with its three handy attachments, it’s capable of cooking everything from a full English breakfast to six sizable kebabs, or even spit-roasting a whole chicken (or two). And when you’re finished, it folds flat into its own carry bag, making it perfect for camping and outdoor adventures.

Authentic pizzas, kissed by fire

If you’re going to cook pizzas, you may as well do it the proper way. The thing is, most domestic ovens simply can’t reach the temperature required to achieve that authentic, fire-kissed taste that makes a proper pizza taste the way it does. But Ooni’s outdoor pizza ovens can.

Ooni’s back-garden-and-beyond pizza ovens reach a scorching 500°C in as little as 15 minutes, turning out restaurant-quality pizza and so much more – sizzling steaks, fillets of fish and rustic breads – yum! And Ooni don’t have a one-oven-fits-all approach – with a range of sizes and fuel types available, you’re sure to find one that suits your style of cooking – you might never go back to your indoor oven.

And what’s an outdoor pizza party without the accessories? After all, if you’re going to cook your pizzas in a proper pizza oven, it would be a shame not to go all-out on the presentation. Typhoon’s Napoli Ceramic Pizza Serving Plate and Napoli Bamboo Pizza Serving Board are a great way to give your outdoor pizza feast that little hint of Italy that it might have been missing.

When the sun goes down…

After the sun’s gone to bed and the food’s been gobbled, some would argue it’s time to call it a night – but why should you have to turn in just because the sun has? Helping you make the most of long summer evenings outdoors, BioLite’s 2-in-1 FirePit+ won’t just keep you lovely and warm long after it’s gone dark: it can cook up delicious barbecue fare too. We’ll raise a glass (or a mug of hot chocolate) to that!

Don’t let drizzle stop the sizzle

When rain stops play… take the party indoors! While a picnic is easy to pack up and take inside (unless you’re in the middle of a field when the heavens open of course!), it’s not quite so simple when it comes to barbecues and pizza parties… or is it? If those big grey clouds deliver on their wet threat, you can always move your barbecue food to our Lakeland Digital Grill, which grills meat, fish, veggies and paninis exactly how you like them.  And you don’t have to go into your back garden to make authentic ‘wood-fired’ pizza in 2 minutes. You just need Sage’s The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo – the first domestic countertop oven that can reach 400°C – which provides perfect conditions for making a classic Neapolitan-style pizza.

Picnicware that won’t break

If you’re looking forward to the lazy, hazy summer days ahead, our Hazy Days range is here to help you serve up the most summery, sunshiny – and stress-free! – alfresco feasts ever. Created by our talented design team, sunshine yellow flowers and polka dots combine with white and teal backgrounds to create an exclusive design you won’t find anywhere else. And best of all, it’s made from melamine, which is lightweight and virtually unbreakable, making it a great choice for anyone who loves outdoor dining and picnic parties, and doesn’t want to worry about crockery getting chipped or broken.

When you fancy indulging yourself with an alfresco afternoon tea, our pretty Pressed Flowers Tableware range is the perfect way to brighten up your table. And, because they’re also made from extra-tough melamine, you won’t have to worry about whether your bowls and plates are going to make it back inside in one piece – so you can really relax and enjoy yourself.

Keep things cool when the weather hots up

Nobody enjoys limp, warm sarnies, soggy salad and lukewarm fizz, but you don’t have to worry about such dining disappointments if you’ve packed up your picnic in one of our amazingly efficient cool bags. Lined with reflective aluminium foil to keep food cool for hours, they’re made from recycled plastic bottles so you’ll be doing that little bit extra for the environment, just by having a picnic! And we’ve designed them to complement our Hazy Days picnicware, so you can be sure your picnics will look as good as they taste.

Food that tastes better outdoors

Looking for some alfresco food inspiration? Whether you’re firing up the barbecue or your pizza oven, or packing up a picnic full of taste bud-tempting nibbles, you’ll find lots of lovely recipes in the tasty seasonal section of our blog.