Creating the perfect charcuterie buffet board

Here’s our tips for making an ‘anything but beige’ charcuterie buffet board they’ll be raving about long after the party is over and the food gone!

Picking A Theme

It is important to pick a theme when creating your buffet board. Firstly, is your buffet board going to be sweet, savory or both? Next, are you focusing around a specific colour pallet or theme such as Christmas? There are lots of inspiration photos so don’t be scared to have a reference picture to help you.

Perfect Presentation

Presentation matters when hosting. We stock a whole range of serving platters, boards, bowls and dishes that will elevate your buffet board to the next level.

Our Slate Cheese Markers with Chalk are perfect for buffet boards as not everyone can tell their Gouda from their Gorgonzola, so make it easy for your dinner-party guests to identify which cheese is which on your carefully chosen cheeseboard with these rustic slate markers. Each marker is made from natural slate with a pointy end to stick into your food – an easily wiped-off stick of chalk is included to write the names with.

Anything But Beige

As much as we all love bread sticks and sausage rolls, when it comes to party food it doesn’t all have to be the beige classics. Adding fruit to your buffet or board is the easiest way to add some vibrant colour that is sure to wow your guests. Just avoid fruit that will go soggy if left out for a prolonged period of time – we recommend strawberries, oranges, blueberries or pineapple.

Get creative when making waffles, pancakes, bread or cake by adding some food colouring into your batter to make your bakes really stand out from the crowd.

Layout Is Key

Start with your large items such as a camembert cheese or items that are displayed in bowls or dishes. These provide a layout for your table or board. Remember to keep your savory and sweet items on separate sides of the buffet table or charcuterie board (for example, your crackers, meat and cheese should all be close together). This is so people don’t have to pick all over the table or board just to get one snack.

Food Styling

If you want to really impress your guests, consider food styling. The most popular example is creating rose flowers out of your meats such as Salami. An easy search online will bring up lots of tutorials that are very easy to follow.