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Perfect Pastry Recipes

We know making pastry requires a certain skill set. Follow our easy step by step guide to all your favourite pastry recipes and it will be as easy as...

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Classic British Biscuit Recipes

Custard Creams, Jammie Dodgers, Bourbon Biscuits, Party Rings – we all have our favourites when it comes to these classic British biscuits. Now...

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Special Strawberry Dessert Platter

Check out this beautiful dessert platter, recently created by Chef Wayne Bestwick who works for our myLakeland partner, Dineindulge, just for you....

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Step-by-step hot chocolate mug cake

Hot chocolate and chocolate cake are two of our absolute sweet treat favourites (can you blame us?), so you can imagine our excitement when we...

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Easter flowers traybake

There’s nothing like springtime flowers – especially when they’re delicious in cake form. If you’re looking for an Easter cake with a...