Bug Inspired Bakes

Featuring everyone’s favourite six-legged friends, our ladybird and bee-themed baking range is perfect for anyone who wants to throw a garden-themed party or kid’s birthday bash, and is guaranteed to bring the spirit of summer right into your home. Here’s how we decorated ours.

Honeycomb Cake

What you’ll need

What you do

Using the mould, make up the honeycomb pieces and bees, using yellow icing for the honeycomb and small pieces of yellow, black and white for the bees. To make the flowers, roll out white fondant icing to 2-3mm thick and use the cutters to create daisy shapes, then add a small yellow ball of yellow icing to the centre of each. Leave overnight or long enough for the icing to harden.

Then bake a deep cake – we made ours from 3 stacked sponges made in 20cm sandwich tins, but you can make whatever size you like. Sandwich together the layers with vanilla buttercream or frosting, then crumb coat the outside of the cake thinly so you can still see the cake through the icing.

Mix up some royal icing (or use ready-made) and add a small amount of yellow food colouring. Ensure the consistency is thick enough to pour, but not so runny that it slides straight off the cake. Pour this over the cake slowly to get the drips down the sides.

Finally, arrange the honeycomb, bees, and daisies on the cake, using small dabs of royal icing or edible glue to hold them in place.

Honey Pots

What you’ll need

What you do

Bake little sponges in the Mini Sandwich Tin (you’ll find plenty of recipes on our blog). Cut them in half, sandwich together with buttercream and then crumb coat the sides and tops with buttercream too.

Roll out a length of yellow fondant icing to 2-3mm thick and cut a strip to the height of your cakes. Wrap around each cake and trim off any excess so that it meets nicely at the back.

Roll out white icing to the same thickness and cut circular discs a bit bigger than your cake to make the lids of the pots. Cut out rectangles for the labels too.

Using the black edible ink pen, write ‘HONEY’ onto your labels. Once the ink has dried, stick the labels to the sides of the pots using edible glue.

Stick the white discs on to the top of your cakes and smooth down the edges to make the lids.

To make the bees, you can either draw these on using the food pen, using a little white fondant icing for the wings, or make them in the little bee moulds in the silicone mould, and then attach with a little edible glue. Then use the food pen to draw on a trail behind each bee.

Creepy-Crawly Tray Bake

What you’ll need

What you do

Bake a chocolate tray bake – we used our Lakeland Brownie Traybake Tin (and you’ll find a great recipe here). Using a fork, scratch up a small area of the cake for the ‘soil’ section. Cover the rest of the tray bake with green buttercream, using a piping bag fitted with a grass piping nozzle, and carefully go around the edges of the ‘soil’ area.

Use the silicone mould and the fondant icing to create bees and ladybirds to go on top of the cake, pressing in different colours of icing to make stripy bees and spotted ladybirds.

To make the flowers, roll out white fondant icing to 2-3mm thick and use the cutters to create daisy shapes, then add a small yellow ball of yellow icing to the centre of each.

Make the worms by rolling sausages of pink fondant icing, then take a cocktail stick and press it against the sides to create the ridges on the worms’ backs. Position all the creepy-crawlies on top of your bake, then finish off by sprinkling some crushed Oreo biscuits around the base.

Mini Ladybird Cakes

What you’ll need

What you do

Bake 12 little ladybirds in our cake tin, turn out and leave to cool completely.

Mix together icing sugar and water to a piping consistency – not too thick, not so runny it won’t hold its shape when piped.  Divide this between two bowls and add red food colouring to one, and black to the other.

Make up one piping bag with the number 5 nozzle and add the red icing. Make up another piping bag with the number 2 nozzle and add the black icing.

Pipe around the edge of the cakes in red and black, and add black dots to bring out the details. Finish off by rolling small balls of white fondant icing to make the eyes, and attach with a dab of edible glue, then pipe black dots into the centres.

Inspired? You’ll find plenty more summery bee bakes on our blog – just search for ‘bee’.