Peg power: alternative uses for clothes pegs!

Here at Lakeland, we simply can’t be without our amazing Soft Grip Pegs on laundry day, but what do you do with your pegs the rest of the time? Don’t leave them languishing in a peg bag in a dark and lonely corner – give them a new lease of life!

We found out that Lisa, our Buyer, loves them so much that she carries one in her bag to keep her notes and lists together, and has even been known to use one to clip her hair back when putting on make-up.

This made us wonder – what else can we do with them? Here are our top ideas:

  • Roll and clip packets of cereal or crisps for freshness
  • Keep pieces of paper clipped together
  • Peg up children’s wet paintings to dry
  • Keep a napkin or bib in place at mealtimes
  • Hang up photos or birthday cards
  • If you’re in a hotel room where the curtains don’t stay closed properly, use a couple of pegs to hold them together to keep your room private and dark
  • Peg poor old Teddy on the washing line after another mucky adventure!

Even cartoon characters will put a peg on their nose when something smells unpleasant… but we don’t recommend you try this at home!

Giant Pegs: The Bigger The Better

Clothes Pegs cut out

If you’ve ever struggled with pegging bulky items such as duvets, blankets and pillows on the washing line and ended up double-pegging everything to keep it in place, then you need our Mega Giant Pegs. Featuring round-ended clips for excellent grip, these super-sized, spring-loaded pegs, at a whopping 12cm long, are great for airing bedding and other cumbersome items.

Not only that, they’re also brilliant for taking away on holiday trips. Use them to securely fasten your beach towel to your sun lounger and it’ll stay put while you go for a dip in the pool or soak up the sunshine – our customers have told us that this is especially useful on breezy cruise ships! They’re also great for clipping wet towels to the railings of a canal barge so they can dry off, or for attaching stuff to tent poles and awnings so they don’t blow away while camping.

And if you’re a parent or grandparent, they’re ideal for keeping toys and blankets firmly clipped to a baby buggy or pushchair so they don’t get lost or dropped, and for making indoor and outdoor play dens – simply peg together some sheets or blankets to hang over a wigwam made of garden canes or over some chairs and adventure awaits.

And it doesn’t have to stop there: there are so many other things you can use these jumbo pegs for:

  • Holding a bulky dog bed on the line when it’s been washed
  • Holding the corners of a duvet to its cover while you’re wrestling with making the bed
  • Clamping drawing paper to a table edge – ideal for rainy day art projects
  • Attaching netting to stakes in a garden or allotment

You can see how versatile the humble clothes peg can be, so why not give them a go!