Our 12 Favourite Soup Recipes

Soup, the cornerstone of comfort food. Whether you enjoy its warming affects, the health kick of blitzed veggies or the joy of dipping buttery bread, soup has so much to offer.

Many favourite soup recipes are super easy to make, which only enhances their appeal. We’ve selected our favourite gourmet soup recipes for you. Browse from healthy, hearty and easy-to-make options to find one-pot wonders to get you through the cooler months.

Soup Makers and Cooking Advice

Soup recipes are so varied, there are many ways to prepare and cook your ingredients before they’re whisked into the final pot. Fortunately, with these soup makers, all the classic techniques are easier and more energy efficient than ever.

If you’re a fan of roasted vegetable soups, with their rich velvety textures, make sure you try out roasting your ingredients in an air fryer instead of the oven. They’ll be done in a fraction of the time, with less oil and using much less energy. The results are still golden and delicious, so your pumpkin, sweet potato or carrot soups will be something to write home about!

Another super simple way to achieve depth of flavour is by tossing your soup ingredients into a slow cooker. Let everything bubble gently for a few hours until it’s a soft stew. And when it’s time to bring it all together? Transfer everything to your trusty soup maker and create that silky smooth texture. These blenders mean that the power of a hearty bowl of soup can be unlocked effortlessly.

Homemade Winter Soups: Warmth in Every Bowl

When the cold winds blow outside, nothing brings warmth to your soul quite like a hearty bowl of soup. We’ve picked out some of the best soup recipes for getting through the chillier autumn nights and cold winter days.

  • Cheddar & Potato Soup with Bacon
    Indulgent and creamy, the richness of the cheddar and stodge of potato creates a thick comforting soup. It’s perfect for particularly crisp autumn evenings. Paired with pieces of salty, smoky bacon, this soup is a well-rounded meal on its own.
  • Cream of Celeriac Soup
    With earthy undertones and a velvety texture, this soup is best served in the winter. You’ll be eating seasonally and well! Made using a slow cooker, this recipe transforms a humble root veg into a gourmet dish.
  • Hearty Mushroom Soup
    Bringing together the powerful umami flavour of porcini mushrooms, with a dry sherry kick and the protein-hit of haricot beans, this soup is a winter reliable. Get a cheese toastie going alongside this soup and sink into a cosy evening.
  • Lemony Chicken Soup with Leeks and Barley
    Bright and zesty, this chicken soup revitalizes the senses. Tender pieces of chicken meld perfectly with the nuttiness of barley and the subtle sweetness of leeks. The added squeeze of lemon gives a real flavour lift and vitamin boost.

Healthy Soup Recipes: Nourish Your Body

Good for the soul and kind to the body, these homemade soups provide all the flavour with none of the guilt. They’re packed with nutrients to keep you feeling your best. Try out one of these healthy soup recipes and stave of winter colds whilst keeping cosy.

  • Minty Pea & Potato Soup with Crispy Kale and Seeds
    Fresh and vibrant, this soup is a flavour explosion. For vegans, this is a great way to load up on protein, nourish yourself and enjoy an effortless weeknight dinner.
  • Prue Leith’s Hot & Sour Soup with Prawns
    Bursting with the authentic flavours of South-East Asia, this one-dish wonder is a must-try. Filling, fresh and fragrant, this is a great dinner party dish at any time of the year.
  • Tomato & Pesto Soup
    An Italian-inspired dish that’s as simple as it is delicious. This healthy soup combines the zesty freshness of tomatoes with the herby richness of pesto. For a more British-twist, serve with some crisp cheese straws.
  • Spicy Lentil Soup
    This soup embraces the earthy depth of lentils complemented by a spicy kick. It’s both hearty and invigorating, making it the best soup when you’re feeling worn out and need a little fire to keep going.

Easy Soup Recipes: Quick Culinary Delights

Whether you’re strapped for time or just looking for a simple, fuss-free meal, these easy soups can be whipped up in no time. You don’t need advanced soup makers or fancy techniques, just bring your appetite.

With the simmer setting on your soup maker, you can unlock the comforting aromatic embrace of these ingredients. The warmth of ginger paired with the rich sweetness of butternut squash is utterly delightful.

  • Spring Vegetable Minestrone
    Winter isn’t the only time to make soups from scratch. New seasons bring new ingredients, and this minestrone soup is the perfect way to celebrate spring’s bounty. Light yet filling, it’s perfect for warmer days and garden lunches.

One of the final beauties of a homemade soup to mention is durability. You’ll always have leftover soup, and it can be transported in food containers of any shape and size or poured into a freezer bag to be enjoyed later down the line.

So, embrace the soup movement and start blitzing up your dream dish. With Lakeland’s wide array of recipes, there’s always something new to try.