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Spend smart, live well with Lakeland

It’s tough out there at the moment, isn’t it? What with scary energy bills and the rising cost of living biting big chunks out of our household budgets. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference and we’d love to help. We’ve put together a whole host of ideas, hints and tips to help you reduce energy use, cut down on food waste, reuse more, and save money too. So think energy-saving appliances that mean you don’t need to use your main oven, ideas for batch cooking and making the most of your leftovers, and investing in reusable products that mean you only have to buy once. It’s thinking differently about how we spend our hard-earned pennies. It’s fair to say many of us are feeling the pinch right now, but with a few small changes, we can all work towards spending smarter and living well.

What you can do
freezer bags storing a variety of food in a freezer draw
Reduce waste

How many times have you thrown away food that’s gone past its best before you’ve had a chance to use it? A bit of planning can help your budget go further. Whether it’s by batch cooking, making the most of leftovers, or keeping your food fresh for longer, we’ve got tons of ideas to help you feed your family, not your bin. Your freezer is your friend here – our blog will show you how to make the most of it, with tips on everything from storing things properly to helping it run more efficiently.

curry being served on to plates from a Lakeland slow cooker
Save energy

The cost of electricity is rising, so check out our energy-efficient air-fryers and slow-cookers that can cook all your family favourites using less energy than your oven. Snuggle under throws that keep you warm and cosy without heating the whole room. And dry clothes quicker without switching on your tumble dryer, with heated airers that cost only pennies to run. Don’t forget, everything is backed by our 3-year guarantee too, so you can always be sure your money’s well spent.

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Reuse more

Even the most virtuous of us are guilty of buying things that can only be used once, aren’t we? Swap single-use plastic bags for sandwich wraps in packed lunches; replace baking parchment with liners that can be washed and reused hundreds of times; and switch single-use piping bags for easy-clean cotton versions. Grab a reusable travel mug and make your drinks ‘to go’ from home, rather than buying from a supermarket or coffee shop, and you’re well on your way to a decent saving in the months to come.