myLakeland - Terms & conditions

About these terms & conditions

myLakeland is a marketing initiative from Lakeland Ltd whereby we intend to send marketing communications to members to share our vision, beliefs, products and services.

We love our customers and myLakeland members and want to get to know you better so that we can tailor offers, discounts, partnership offers, events and more to you. We are really pleased to have been able to include our Charity Pot as a benefit for members. More information about this and our other charity fund work is available here.

If, at any time, you have any concerns or queries regarding myLakeland and your membership, please check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

Last updated 30th July 2019

myLakeland is a club owned, run and promoted by Lakeland Ltd, LA23 1BQ England. Registration Number 809688.
By writing “we”, “us”, “our”, “Club”, “myLakeland”, “company”, we mean Lakeland Ltd. When we write “you”, “your” or “member” we mean:

  • the person whose name is on the card
  • the person who picked up a paper version in store and used it along with the application details provided at the time
  • or the person who has confirmed the email address in the application form to join the club and has received a digital version of the card by email.

It's free to join mylakeland and when you:

  • apply to be a member
  • use your myLakeland membership card (paper temporary version or personalised plastic version)
  • use your membership number
  • participate in the Club
you accept these terms & conditions and the information in our Privacy Promise.

These terms shall be governed by the laws of England

We are responsible for storing and processing your data as per our Privacy Promise, however, you are responsible for telling us about changes to personal details as we cannot be responsible for any losses or misdirection of communication as a result of incorrect details. Please Contact Us or edit your personal details on Your Account.

We reserve the right to alter or terminate the club or change these T&Cs at any time. We will always give reasonable notice of changes by publishing them on this page or by communicating to the individual member. Our communications related to service changes such as this are not subject to the marketing consent detailed below. When necessary, we reserve the right to communicate to all members for such reasons.

A few important things you should know

If you apply to be a member of myLakeland and then do not hear anything from us, this could be for one of 3 reasons:

  1. Your date of birth told us you were under 16 years of age
  2. We have experienced a problem processing your application, for example could not read your handwriting or there has been a technical problem.
  3. Your address is outside of the UK, Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands.

In these instances we will try and contact you to explain using the information we can see on your application but please do not hesitate to Contact Us directly. If you know you are within the criteria for membership, it is likely that a technical problem that has meant we have not been able to contact you, and applying again will be the quickest way to become a member.

The below covers:

Joining the Club

There are several ways to join myLakeland and it’s quick and easy to do so.

  • Online - click here
  • Customer Services - Contact Us - our team based in the glorious Lake District
  • In store - our colleagues in all of our stores in the UK will be delighted to give you an application form to fill in and pop in our secure post box in each store, or they’ll happily sign you up directly at the till point.

By joining myLakeland, you are agreeing to receive, as a minimum, regular communications from us by post.

Who can become a member

Members must be 16 years of age or over and you must provide a postal address for us to send your pack to in the UK, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland. At this time, we cannot accept members who live outside of these countries, however, anyone can join our regular Lakeland email newsletters by clicking here and we will be able to let you know at a time in the future when we will be able to extend the membership worldwide.

Leaving the club

We’ll be sad if you decide to leave myLakeland, however, we understand this is your decision and we have ensured it is as easy as possible for you. Please Contact Us and let us know you want to leave or log in to your online account and you’ll see the option in the myLakeland tab within My Account to say you no longer wish to be a member.

Leaving the Club does mean that all communications from myLakeland will cease although it may take up to 30 days for this to filter through our systems and for all communications to cease.

So that there is no confusion, we want to mention that if you are also opted in to receiving our Lakeland catalogues, Lakeland email newsletters or occasional Lakeland mobile messages, leaving the club won’t automatically change these preferences; leaving the club will only stop communications from myLakeland.

If you wish to stop all marketing communications including those from Lakeland, please ensure you mention this when you Contact Us or click “no thanks” to the relevant options within your My Account / Marketing Preferences when logged in on

Marketing Consent

Your consent to receive post, emails and mobile messages from myLakeland and Lakeland

Being a member of the club provides you with great benefits such as offers, rewards, and access to exclusive deals with our partners, and every purchase you make will add pennies to the Charity Pot.

To keep you updated on this we will send communications to you by post, email and occasionally by mobile. When joining the club you will have agreed to receive communications from us, however, all communications are optional and you can change your mind at any time.

Joining online - the speediest route to being a member. You are consenting with 1-click to receiving communications from myLakeland by post, email and mobile (we can only know you have consented to mobile if you have provided a mobile number). You are asked for a password and this will create an online account for you. We will use the billing address and email address from your online account.

Joining in store - whilst in one of our stores you can complete a paper application form or one of the Lakeland members of staff will complete a form digitally for you on their till or handheld tablet device. The paper forms have this information clearly printed on each form so you can read as you join, however, to clarify, you are consenting to receive marketing from myLakeland by post - at a minimum, your Welcome Pack. By providing your email address and/or your mobile number on the form or to the staff member you consent to receiving regular emails and/or occasional mobile messages from Lakeland AND myLakeland.

Changing your preferences is easy: you can opt in or opt out by logging in here to My Account or Contact Us. Please bear in mind that opting out from all club communications means that we will not be able to tell you about the great club benefits mentioned above.

You will see or be informed of a choice for post, email or mobile communications for both Lakeland and myLakeland.

Opting out is typically actioned with immediate effect but please do allow us up to 30 days to ensure all our systems are updated.

Want to change your postal address, email or mobile number? Of course, this is no problem, please update My Account or Contact Us.

By Post

Being a member of the club means that you consent to receiving communications to your address by post - this includes but is not limited to offers, coupons, updates, exclusive contents and details about products and services. These will be regular mailings and could be up to 1 mailing per month.

This does not automatically include receiving the regular Lakeland catalogues by post. We’d be delighted to send them to you and you can update us here. Or request our latest catalogue by completing your details here.

By Email

When joining the club, throughout your membership or before joining the club you may have agreed to receive email communications from Lakeland and/or myLakeland. We send regular email communications to keep our members and customers informed of our news, products and offers. Lakeland email newsletters are sent every couple of days but will become less frequent if you do not open them. myLakeland club emails are sent every couple of weeks.

In addition to the above options, there is an additional way to stop emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you have received from us. You will see 2 choices for email - Lakeland email newsletters and myLakeland club emails. You can opt in or opt out of receiving either or both. Opting out of both will mean that all marketing emails will stop.

For clarity, this will not stop the emails that are necessary to send to you in relation to an order that you have placed.

By Mobile

When joining the club, throughout your membership or before joining the club you may have agreed to receive mobile messaging communications from Lakeland and/or myLakeland. We send occasional SMS or instant message that we believe are relevant to you, for example, details of events that are happening at your local store or a short-notice partnership deal that we believe you’ll be interested in.

For clarity, this will not stop any mobile messages that are necessary to send to you in relation to an order that you have placed.

myLakeland Card & your Account

All temporary cards or permanent membership cards that are issued to members and/or customers are owned by Lakeland Ltd. They are only valid for use in Lakeland stores, on or if placing an order directly with Lakeland by phone or post.

We do not issue additional cards for the same account or same member. However, if you have lost or damaged your existing card, we will happily replace it. See (How can I replace my card)

If a member has more than one account or membership number for myLakeland, we will merge these accounts at our own discretion.

myLakeland is intended for personal use only, it is not for business use.

Your account and membership are not transferable.

On extreme occasions, we reserve the right to remove a member or take action deemed appropriate if we have reason to believe you are abusing the club’s benefits.

To access the club information online at you will create an account within and this will ask for a personal email and password. Please do not disclose your password to anyone else, you are responsible for keeping it safe.

We cannot accept liability for any unauthorised use of your account, which includes unauthorised use of your email address, password and club benefits, including redemption of coupons or partnership offers.

Coupons and Vouchers

You will receive multiple coupons, offers and vouchers from myLakeland throughout your membership. This can be via post, email, mobile, advertising or in store. Each will have their own terms & conditions written with them, however, there are some general rules that are to be accepted by all members and for all vouchers (unless specifically stated otherwise with the voucher itself):

  • use of coupons and offers are always subject to stock availability and this may vary between store and any Home Shopping channel
  • we reserve the right to withdraw sending offers and coupons to members of the club after a period of 2 years where we have no recorded use of the card or coupons
  • unfortunately, Lakeland staff nor our systems are able to extend any specific coupon’s expiry date.
  • Vouchers cannot be used with price-matched or ex-display products and cannot be exchanged for cash or used to purchase a Lakeland gift card or e-voucher
  • we reserve the right to withdraw offers without prior notice

There are 2 types of single-use coupons and vouchers that will be issued by myLakeland:

  1. TOTAL BASKET / SPEND & SAVE COUPONS - A coupon giving you money-off or discount from your total basket / order / purchase (e.g. £10 off if you spend £50 or 10% off your purchase)
  2. PRODUCT COUPONS - A money-off, discount, free gift, free delivery or multiple buying discount (e.g. 3 for 2) off specific products or ranges that you are buying (e.g. £20 off a soup maker, 20% off any cleaning product or 3 for 2 on all Lakeland dishcloths).

These 2 types have different permitted uses:

  • only 1 Total Basket Coupon can be used in a single transaction and cannot be in conjunction with any other promotional voucher from myLakeland or Lakeland that gives you money off your total purchase. It can be used alongside any product offer coupons.
  • multiple Product Coupons can be used in the same transaction and can be used in conjunction with the one Total Basket Coupon.

Each coupon or voucher:

  • is only valid for use once
  • has a unique code that can only be redeemed once
  • will have a clearly defined expiry date and the date quoted will be inclusive within its validity
  • will have its own terms & conditions written which will include reference to its permitted use.
  • if a product coupon and unless otherwise stated, can only be used on a maximum of 10 of each product or 10 instances of the promotion it refers to

How to redeem vouchers:

It's easy to redeem vouchers and coupons and unless a restriction is specified in the voucher's terms & conditions (e.g can only be redeemed in store), each can be redeemed in all of these ways:

  • ONLINE at - enter the voucher code(s) on the 'your basket' page
  • BY PHONE call 015394 881100
  • BY POST enclose with your Order Form
  • IN STORE present your voucher(s) at one of our stores nationwide

myLakeland Charity Pot

Our reference to the Charity Pot is related to all purchases made by members of myLakeland where their membership is declared to Lakeland at the point of payment.

To contribute to the Charity Pot, you must identify yourself as a member when buying at the till in any of our UK stores; be logged into your online account at when placing an order; tell us your membership number if ordering by phone or write it in the space provided on your postal order form. Details about the Charity Pot can be found at

The contribution is a percentage of the net sales value of the purchase and by this we mean once we have excluded VAT and any discounts applied by promotions or offers.

On a regular basis, Lakeland will add up the total of these member purchases and add 0.2% of the amount to the Charity Pot.

At any time, Lakeland reserves the right to amend or stop the % of spend being given to the Charity Pot. Any changes of this nature will be communicated here and to members as appropriate.

The Charity Pot is managed within Lakeland and is explained in more detail at


We are delighted to arrange for other companies to provide offers and discounts to our members. We refer to these companies as Partners. To become a Partner of myLakeland, the Partner and Lakeland will have a mutually signed Agreement and we will have ensured that the Partner has met the high standards that we have to align our brand to theirs.

The offers and discounts from our Partners can change on a regular basis and although we will endeavour to make changes known to members via signing in on, we cannot be responsible or liable if this changes or has changed at the point you make your purchase or agreement with the Partner.

We will also make best endeavour to provide accurate access to Partner offers via the web page, however, it is your responsibility to check you have been directed to the correct location and also that any specific offer or discount is being applied to your purchase or agreement that you are personally making with the Partner.

Our Privacy Promise confirms that we do not share your data with any partner or third party for marketing purposes. We advise you do check the Partner’s own Privacy Policy when you provide your personal details to them as each will have their own commitment to keeping your data safe and who/if at all do they share your data with.

Prize Draws & Competitions

The details of each prize draw and competition for myLakeland members will be described below during the period that the draw is valid. Winners’ names and towns will be available upon request, please Contact Us to request.