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Autumn is a wonderful time of the year – windfall apples tumbling from the trees, home-made jams and jellies to be lovingly batched, comforting pies and tarts to be baked using fresh, seasonal veg… but all that peeling, chopping, prepping and cooking can end up putting us off before we’ve even started!

This autumn, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite problem solvers – exciting new arrivals alongside some of our old favourites – to help you get the most out of this wonderful season, whatever you’re prepping or baking. Problem solved.

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Goodbye Soggy Bases

You’ve put your heart and soul into your home-made apple tarts and followed the recipe to the letter, but despite your best efforts, all you’re left with are soggy bases and a distinct feeling of disappointment. Enter Zenker Bakeware. Made from a unique glass fibre micro-perforated web material that’s then coated in silicone, the combination of which results in faster, more even baking and crispier crusts.

  • Bakes 20% faster than traditional bakeware
  • Micro-perforated web wicks away moisture
  • Super-flexible, non-stick silicone coating
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Home-Made Jam Without The Hassle

You want to make your own scrummy preserves but don’t have time to stand and watch over the pot, constantly stirring and checking progress.Ball’s dedicated machine does all the hard work for you, making fresh, home-made jam, jelly or chutney in as little as 21 minutes, and not a muslin cloth in sight.

  • Make jams, jellies and chutney with ease
  • Automatically controls temperature and stirs ingredients
  • Ready in as little as 21 minutes
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Got an abundance of apples to prep?

You’ve collected loads of crisp windfall apples. Brilliant! Now you need to core, peel and chop every one by hand. Not so great. The Apple Master peels, cores and slices an apple in seconds, taking all of the effort out of the task. It massively speeds up prep time – just fix an apple on the prongs, clamp the suction base into place and turn the handle.

  • Peels, cores and slices apples in seconds
  • Speeds up prep for apple-based dishes
  • Also great for pears and potatoes
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Solve my Apple Prep problem

Fed up with cold, soggy sarnies?

Then make crisp, crunchy, deep-filled toasties in your microwave with the Lékué Microwave Grill. And not just toasties – grill burgers and bangers and salmon and veggies in minutes too. What a change it’ll make from lacklustre microwave meals and boring office lunches this autumn!

  • Cooks ‘grilled’ food in the microwave
  • For meat, fish and vegetables too
  • Quick and convenient
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Chip, Dice & Slice in a Trice

Breeze through fruit and veg prep with the Lakeland Pro Chip & Dice. Yes, it cuts perfectly uniform chips ready for crisp, even cooking in the oven or in our Air Fryer, but it also dices and slices all kinds of veg for soups, salads, curries and stews – it will even dice apples ready for home-made apple crumble!

  • Makes veg prep super speedy
  • 3-in-1 design chips, slices and dices
  • Dices cubes of veg in seconds
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