A Fresh Start - Spring at Lakeland

Spring is all about fresh starts. Whether it’s resolving to eat more healthily (again) - or simply thinking differently about how you cook, and what you cook with, we’ve got some great ideas to help.

We’ve taken a fresh look at the remarkable Remoska – a one-pot cooker that’s as versatile as your oven. We’ve found a way to make your tap water as pure as the most expensive bottled water – and help you cut down on single-use plastic. We’ll help you get more shelf-life out of your vegetables so you can get the best out of them before they go to waste.

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One Pot Cooker One Pot Cooker

A fresh take 
on one-pot cooking

Who needs an oven? This versatile, low energy one-pot cooker can do almost everything your oven can, and uses a fraction of the electricity. What’s more, it can go anywhere it can be plugged in, so is perfect for caravans and mobile homes.
  • Uses 60-80% less electricity than a standard oven
  • Healthier cooking - theres no need to use oil
  • Easy to use - switch it on, add your food, leave it alone
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Proven to keep fruit and veg
fresh for longer

"But they’re just bags!" Or are they? Despite their unassuming appearance, these food storage superheroes have a scientifically proven secret that seriously extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and veg kept in your fridge.
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Fresh Bags
5 Stars
“The fruit and veg you put in them stays exactly the same for AGES. Incredible.”
Fiona via website
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Zero Water Zero Water

Get more
out of your water

A jug that filters your tap water to remove dissolved impurities may sound like nothing new, but ZeroWater’s Water Purifying Jug has innovative 5-stage filter technology that removes virtually all impurities from your tap water, to provide the purest-tasting drink possible and complete peace of mind.
  • Delivers the purest tasting water
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Test it yourself!
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Now that the baubles and the Bublé have been put away until next winter, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. Spring is the perfect opportunity to give the house a thorough clean from top to bottom – including those bits that get forgotten about most of the time!

With our help you can breathe new life into old leather, keep your shower screen sparkling and your kitchen surfaces will never have looked better.

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A Fresh Start - Spring at Lakeland

Urad Urad

Give leather
a fresh lease of life

Shoes or boots, belts, bags, suitcases, jackets, furniture, even your pony’s tack... if it’s made of leather, a tiny amount of this apply-and-leave cream will clean, condition, protect and polish all sorts of leather items with no buffing required, bringing them up like new and helping them to last longer than you thought possible.
  • Cleans, feeds and nourishes leather goods
  • Restore vibrancy and life to every shade and hue of leather
  • No buffing required

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A fresh, clean shower
with no scrubbing

After a shower, apply a light mist of Clean Shower... then simply walk away. You’ve just ended the tedious rigmarole of rubbing, scrubbing, rinsing and squeegeeing in the pursuit of a sparkling bathroom suite.
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Clean Shower
5 Stars
“I always buy this for my shower as I find this better than any other brand.”
Mrs Cason via website
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Worktop Wonder Worktop Wonder

Works wonders
on your worktops

Water rings. Fingerprints. Greasy smears. Limescale stains. Dull patches. If your work surfaces are past their once-so-sparkling best, you can trust Worktop Wonder to restore a finish that’s so shiny you can see your face in it.
  • Cleans a range of worktops, not just granite
  • Gentle but effective, it won’t scratch or stain
  • Leaves behind an invisible water and fingerprint-repelling film

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A Fresh Start - Spring at Lakeland

Spring is all about fresh starts

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