Freezer Fine Tip Permanent Markers

Freezer Fine Tip Permanent Markers

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Lakeland Jelly Strainer
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Lakeland Jelly Strainer

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12 Small Glass Jam Jars With 12 Blue & Red Gingham Lids

12 Small Glass Jam Jars With 12 Blue & Red Gingham Lids

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12 Standard Glass Jam Jars With 12 Blue & Red Lids 1lb 454g

12 Standard Glass Jam Jars With 12 Blue & Red Lids 1lb 454g

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12 Lakeland 250ml Lidded Glass Milk Bottles

12 Lakeland 250ml Lidded Glass Milk Bottles

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70 Lakeland Erasable Freezeasy Labels – Assorted Sizes

70 Lakeland Erasable Freezeasy Labels – Assorted Sizes

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Preserving and Make Your Own

Right now, we’re in the midst of a new revival in home preserving and homemade food. More of us than ever are beavering away in our kitchens and gardens, making jams and marmalades, homemade bread and pasta, and ice cream and yoghurts.

And whether you’re a veteran of making your own food and preserves, or a homemade food novice, we’ve got all the equipment and accessories you need at Lakeland to cook up your own tasty, healthy, homemade creations.

Why make your own food and preserves at home?

It’s not hard to understand why homemade continues to be a growing trend. Making your own food at home can satisfy creative urges and can help you master new skills. It can also be great fun for adults and kids alike.

Creating your own food at home also gives you more control over what ingredients go into it too. Homemade food can help you make healthier meals and avoid the e-numbers and high levels of artificial preservatives and other harmful ingredients that are all too often found in mass produced food.

With more control over ingredients and cooking, and with the ability to tailor recipes to your tastes, homemade food can also simply taste better than shop-bought alternatives.

Everything you need for homemade pickles and preserves

Making homemade jams, preserves and pickles is right at the forefront of the homemade food movement, with jam one of the most popular foods people are making at home.

If you’re planning on making sweet fruit jams, tangy pickled vegetables, hot sauces or healthy home fermented foods, we’ve got all the preserving, pickling and fermenting accessories you need.

At Lakeland, you’ll find a fantastic range of preserving pans, preserving kits and ingredients, labels and tags, and a huge selection of glass jam jars and bottles in all shapes and sizes.

Bake your own bread at home

Bread can be a delicious and healthy food. But shop-bought bread isn’t always the tastiest option, and it’s often far from healthy. That’s why so many people are turning to making their own bread at home.

You might have heard horror stories about homemade bread – about tough buns and collapsing loaves. But making your own bread at home can be a breeze if you have the right ingredients and technology. And at Lakeland, we’ve got all the bread making ingredients and kit you’re looking for. We’ve got counter-top bread makers, loaf tins, bread slicers and yeast and bread mix.

We’ve also got plenty of bread recipes and advice to get you started on your bread making journey.

Tasty homemade pizza and pasta

Fresh, homemade pasta tastes a cut above the dried, shop-bought stuff. And with today’s ingredients and gear, homemade pizza can be healthier and even tastier than restaurant and takeaway pizza.

Take the hassle out of your kitchen and make top-quality Italian food with our range of homemade pasta and homemade pizza equipment and utensils. You’ll find a fantastic selection of quality products, from pizza ovens and pizza pans to pasta machines and ravioli stamp presses. Making great tasting homemade pasta and pizza has never been so easy.

Make your own ice cream and dessert

With our help, your homemade cooking can progress into more indulgent areas with our selection of accessories and equipment for homemade ice cream and lolly making, chocolate making, and even homemade yoghurt making.

At Lakeland, you’ll find all your essential ice cream makers, ice lolly makers, ice lolly moulds, ice cream and lolly ingredients and treats, and yoghurt makers and yoghurt kits.

Try your hand at homemade sausages and burgers

If you’re cooking them in the kitchen or getting ready for a top-notch BBQ, you can have a try at making homemade burgers and sausages with our selection of sausage and burger making accessories.

Grab some high-quality meat, a selection of other inventive ingredients, then set to work with our range of meat mincing machines, presses and liners. You’ll soon be crafting sausages and burgers that far surpass the shop-bought varieties.

Whether you’re making jams and marmalades, pickles or other fermented foods, ice creams or yoghurts, pasta or pizzas, pastry, or homemade burgers and sausages, you’ll find all the essential homemade cooking kit and accessories you’re looking for.

Whilst you’ve got homemade food on the mind, you may like to take a look at our selection of barbecues and pizza ovens and our bakeware. And browse our picnicware in case you fancy eating your homemade creations al fresco.

Preserving and Pickling

Making jams and pickles is more fashionable than ever. More and more people across the UK are creating their own preserves, pickles and fermented food at home.

And whether you’re just getting started or you’re a veteran of home preserving and pickling, at Lakeland we’ve got everything you need to make great tasting homemade food. Our range of homemade jams and preserves kits and accessories cover everything from jam pans and pickling jars to jam jars and pickle packers.

Why make your own preserves and pickles?

Pickle and jam making at home is creative and therapeutic, and it can be an extremely rewarding hobby. Home preserving and pickling can also be great fun for adults and kids alike.

With full control of what ingredients go into your preserves and pickles too, you can tailor your creations to your tastes to make the perfect food for you and your family. Why settle for shop-bought strawberry jam when you can make your own strawberry margarita jam or strawberry and lemon marmalade? In your kitchen, you get to play by your rules.

On top of that, you can make sure you use only the best quality and healthiest ingredients in your preserves and pickles. You can avoid the harmful stuff that shop-based alternatives may contain.

Making homemade jams and preserves with ease

Whether you’ve embraced the 'grow your own' phenomenon, if you love foraging in hedgerows, or your hunting is confined more to local markets, we can help you turn the fruits of your labour into great tasting homemade food.

Using the right tool for the right job is the secret to success. And with our fantastic selection of preserving and pickling equipment and accessories, we’ve got all the tools you need to make pickling and preserving a smooth, hassle-free process.

Kits and ingredients for preserves and pickles

To get you started in making homemade pickles and preserves, take a look at our selection of pickling and preserving kits, sets and ingredients. You’ll find an array of ingredients on offer, like setting mix and pectin, plus other vital gear including jelly bags and pickle packers.

We’ve also got you covered once you start cooking and pickling too, with our top-quality preserving pans and strainers and funnels. You’ll soon have your kitchen or shed converted into an efficient home assembly line.

Jars and bottles of all shapes and styles

You’ll find a massive range of pickling and preserving jars and bottles on offer at Lakeland, fit for all purposes. We’ve got traditional jam jars, fashionable preserving jars, fermentation jars, Kilner bottles, and even old school milk bottles.

When storing preserves and pickles, you need your jars and bottles to be airtight to ensure your creations stay fresh and are safe to eat. Our jars and bottles come with a range of reliable, airtight seals, including 2-part screw-top lids and lids with built-in pressure valves. You’ll have peace of mind that your homemade food won’t spoil.

Add those finishing touches

Once your home creations are finished, you’ll want to stay organised and label them. Decorations can add to the look of your pickles and preserves too and can turn them into thoughtful gifts. Choose from our selection of lids, waxed disks and covers, plus our labels and presentation accessories.

At Lakeland, you’ll find everything you need to make tasty, homemade jam, marmalade and preserves as well as to create fermented or pickled foods. Whether you want a jam pan or electric jam maker to get you started, traditional Kilner or Ball mason jars to store your preserves in style, or items to add finishing touches such as labels, jam jar lids and waxed discs.

And whilst you’re browsing our preserve and pickling accessories, take a glance at our other homemade food ranges, like our bread making, ice-cream and lolly making, and yoghurt making accessories.