Kilner Swing Top Glass Presentation Bottle 250ml

Kilner Swing Top Glass Presentation Bottle 250ml

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Jars and Bottles

More and more of us are embracing home preservation. And more of us than ever are creating our own jams, pickles, fermented food and cordials at home. It makes sense. With full control over the ingredients and the way your food and drinks are made, you can guarantee the healthiness and quality of your creations.

But whether you grow your own ingredients, forage for them in the wild or simply buy them (we’ve made some fantastic marmalade with shop-bought oranges) you’ll need high-quality, reliable storage jars and bottles to store the fruits of your labour in. You’ll find those, and everything else you need at Lakeland.

Jam jars of all sizes and styles

Whether you’ve made classic strawberry jam, whisky spiced thick cut marmalade, pickled cucumbers or kombucha tea, you need sturdy, airtight jars you can rely on to stay sealed. We’ve got plenty of those jars and more in our comprehensive range.

You can choose from the huge array of jam jars we have on offer. You’ll find traditional round top jam jars, hexagonal jam jars, glass jars with clip-top lids, extra-large 2lb jam jars and mini jars for gifting.

Our selection of Ball Preserving Jars are perfect for preserving and pickling fruit and veg, but just happen to look gloriously stylish too with those metallic screw top lids and elegant glass designs. Their wide 2-part lids also make them easy to fill and use, whilst the entire range is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.

Glass milk bottles for homemade drinks

On top of creating your own preserved food, making homemade drinks is a fast-growing trend too. Across the country, people are busy crafting homemade cordials, juices, lemonades, beers, spirits, kvass, kefir and fermented teas like kombucha.

But if you spend all that time crafting and fermenting your homemade drinks, you want to store them in suitably sophisticated bottles. We’ve got exactly what you need. Take a look at our range of old-school glass milk bottles, like our Lakeland 500ml Lidded Glass Milk Bottles. They’re stylish and deliver a slice of nostalgia, looking just like the bottles you used to find sitting on your doorstep each morning. Don’t worry, they come with screw tops now though, not foil, so they’re fully bluetit proof and can be reused over and over.

Glassware for every use

And we’ve got more specialist jars and bottles for specific uses, including swing top glass bottles, fermentation jars with automatic valves to release built-up gases, iconic Kilner bottles, and even sloe gin bottles. We’re sure to have the glass jars and bottles you need.

You’ll find all the jam jars and glass jars you’re looking for at Lakeland, in a range of styles, sizes and designs to make home preserving and fermentation as easy as pie. Also take a look at our selection of pickling and preserving equipment – from jam makers to pickle packers – to make sure you’ve got everything you need. With our help, you can take the hassle out of homemade and make your own top-quality food and drink at home.