Ice Lolly Moulds, Ice Lolly Makers and Ice Cream Machines

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like an ice lolly or ice-cold ice cream. But when it’s too hot to even venture to the local shop, and the kids are craving an icy treat, the ability to make your own can be life-saving! Or maybe you’re interested in avoiding the e-numbers and preservatives that are often found in mass-manufactured foods.

Making your own home-made ice cream and ice lollies is not just healthier, it’s often cheaper than shop-bought, and it's easy. You can use the contents of your fruit basket and basic ingredients from your kitchen like milk, fruit juice, yogurt and vanilla essence. Fruity ice lollies can be as simple as making a smoothie… Just purée the flesh of your fruit of choice (we like watermelon, bananas, strawberries, raspberries and more), pour the mixture into a lolly mould, push in a lolly stick and freeze – they’re nutritious and delicious!

We offer a great range of ice lolly moulds and lolly sticks to make it really quick and easy for you to make your own delicious lollies, as well as a variety of ice cream machines and frozen dessert makers. To add a finishing touch to your icy creations, we also have a selection of sprinkles including the old favourite, 100s and 1000s!