Make Yourself at Home

Baking with kids

With the right kit, you can make baking (and eating) child's play.

Perfect cakes

Picking the right tin is important to a successful bake.

Home-made pasta

Fresh pasta tastes so much better than shop-bought.

Make your own pastry

Making pastry of your very own is simple. Have a go!

Chocolate making

Create luxurious handmade chocolates with our easy-to-use kits

Make to give

Find that you need to present your handmade gifts in seasonal style.

Easy cheese making

Make dairy or vegan-friendly cheeses in your own kitchen.

Home-made ice cream

Create easy to make delicious ice creams, frozen yoghurts or sorbets.

Home-made drinks

Become a bartender. Experiment with drinks for the whole family.

Hot chocolate heaven

Indulgent, warming hot chocolates on the chilly winter's evenings...

Home-made yoghurt

Fresh home-made yoghurt - ready in just three simple steps.

Pizza making

If you a serious pizza fan then you know that home-made is the best!