Kitchen Roll Holders & Surface Protectors

How busy does your kitchen get? Honestly if you take your eye off it for one minute, your once clean and tidy kitchen surfaces get covered in everything from kitchen utensils and salt and pepper shakers and of course kitchen roll. Yes, our kitchens are one of the busiest parts of the house for so many families. From preparing all the meals to hosting guests, the kitchen is the heart of the home and with that, comes lots of stuff! Which makes organising these things essential to avoid mess and clutter.

So, have we got some help for you? Here, you’ll find everything from kitchen roll holders and worktop racking to silicone worktop protectors and surface protectors to help make organising and tidying your things easy and stylish. You can also find our range of sink organisers here so that everything you need has its place.

Kitchen roll holders

Is your kitchen roll usually lurking around on your work surfaces without a real place to call home? You can solve this issue with a simple but chic kitchen towel holder.

With a range of options for all styles of kitchen, choose between a metal or plastic kitchen roll holder that ties in with the rest of your kitchen’s décor. Simple and easy to add to your space, a kitchen roll holder gives your kitchen roll a home while keeping it handy and accessible for every spill or wipe. Next to the kettle, on an empty window sill or right by the sink, wherever you like to keep your kitchen roll, give it a fancy holder of its own.

Kitchen utensil holders

Your utensils need some stylish storage too. And if you prefer to keep them at hand rather than away in a drawer, you’ll need a utensil holder to do the trick.

Browse our range of kitchen holders to find something that perfectly suits your interior and to organise everything from ladles and wooden spoons to your go-to whisk neatly on your work surfaces. Get creative with your utensil holder and try modern plastic or on-trend wire or metal storage caddies to complement your kitchen’s design.

Worktop racking

From washing up liquid to salt and pepper and all your most-used herbs and spices, there are plenty of things in the kitchen that we all like to have out so that they’re easy to grab.

But you don’t want clutter and mess all over your surfaces, right? Try one of our worktop racking ideas. These racks and stands are a stylish way to store and organise your kitchen essentials, keeping them accessible for everyday use but making sure they don’t look untidy. Choose stackable wire baskets that are perfect for worktops and pantry organising. Or opt for portable caddies or wall-mounted racks as the best way to store and display any kitchen must-haves from premium brands like Robert Welch and T&G Woodware.

Protect your surfaces

Whatever work surface you have in your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected from everything including heat and those pesky teabag and sauce stains. Have a look at our range of silicone worktop protectors that can act as a base for anything that you don’t want to directly touch your worktops. Surfaces like marble and granite might need extra protection, so make sure you’re stocked up on surface protectors that can do the job and make your clean-up light work.

Shop the Lakeland range of kitchen roll holders and surface protectors to keep your kitchen in order while keeping the space looking stylish too.