Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker 1.5L ICE100BCU

Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker 1.5L ICE100BCU

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Dessert Makers

A good dessert is by far the best way to round off a meal. But you don’t always have to wait until after dinner to indulge. Dessert can be a one-off treat or a meal in itself – whether that’s a bowl of ice-cream on a hot afternoon, pancakes for breakfast, or hot popcorn on the sofa in front of a movie.

Whichever dessert takes your fancy and whatever the occasion, we’ve got the dessert maker you need to make easy, great tasting treats.

Make your own desserts at home

The best food is the food you make at home. And that’s as true for desserts as it is for any meal. With full control over ingredients and cooking, you can make desserts that perfectly match your own and your family’s tastes. You can use high-quality ingredients and have the peace of mind that you know exactly what’s in your food.

Take the hassle out of homemade desserts

Slaving away trying to create the perfect dessert can take time, especially if you don't have the right kitchen gadgets for the job.

The solution? A machine that does it all for you. A kitchen gadget that can help you make fantastic desserts without the hassle and stress. A dessert machine that’s simple to use, easy to clean, doesn’t take up too much space and that makes delicious desserts a breeze. Whatever sweet cravings you have, our cupboards at Lakeland are packed with innovative kitchen appliances.

Get creative with homemade ice cream

Come summer days, rainy days, movie days or looking-for-something-to-do days, our ice cream makers are the latest scoop.

When it comes to creating easy, delicious ice cream, the world is your oyster. With the help of our ice cream machines, you can craft your perfect flavours, whether that’s classic vanilla, rum and raisin, mint choc chip, salted caramel, or something a little more out there, like candied bacon ice cream (honestly, it’s fantastic!).

Don’t forget to get creative with added toppings too, and you can even go all out and make your own sundaes or a good old Knickerbocker glory… need we go on?

Pancakes or waffles for breakfast?

But, as much as we love a good dessert, let’s not forget about the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Whether you like pancakes smothered in chocolate sauce, topped with fruit, or savoury with crispy bacon and maple syrup. Or if you’ve got a hankering for traditional pancakes, American style or French crepes, you can create easy and delicious pancake stacks for breakfast with our range of Pancake Makers.

If you prefer something a little different, our Waffle Machines make for a fun breakfast alternative for all the family to enjoy. Waffles taste glorious, and the smell of cooking waffles filling your kitchen is hard to beat. They’re a cinch to make with our home waffle makers. The hardest part is deciding what to put on them!

Popcorn for your home cinema experience

With all the streaming services and on-demand video we have access to today, you can watch gripping TV and the latest Hollywood blockbusters from the comfort of your sofa. But you don’t have to forgo the cinema experience as you watch from your living room. Close your curtains, turn off the lights and cook up a bowl of popcorn with our selection of Popcorn Makers.

Nothing can come close to the smell of hot popcorn as a movie starts to roll, and whether you take yours salty, sweet, or with other added flavours, we’ve got home popcorn machines that effortlessly pop a bowl of corn in moments.

Our range of dessert makers – from ice cream machines and waffle and pancake makers to popcorn machines and cupcake makers – can create mouth-watering treats in minutes. They’re ideal for creating indulgent desserts, exciting breakfasts and snacks for you and your family. If you’re looking to buy a waffle maker, a homemade ice cream maker, or any other dessert makers, you’re in the right place.

And whilst you’ve got dessert on your mind, take a look at our selection of ice cream and lolly making kits and home chocolate making accessories and ingredients too.