Filter Coffee Machines

Breakfast, mid-morning, after dinner: there’s always time to enjoy a jug of freshly brewed filter coffee. Our carefully curated selection features the best filter coffee machines from the top makers, each with our dependable 3 year Lakeland guarantee. If you love entertaining, you’ll find machines for making coffee for up to 10 people at a time, as well as coffee bean grinders and milk frothers.

What is a filter coffee machine? Put simply, it’s a smart appliance which very slowly pours hot water onto coffee grounds. Gravity then pulls the water through the grounds, extracting the flavour and colour of the beans and dispensing it into a jug or carafe below. How is filter coffee different from regular coffee? Instant coffee is freeze dried and loses much of its flavour in the manufacturing. However, a filter coffee maker uses ground beans and the drip process gives a smooth, rich coffee with all the true nuances and flavours of the bean.

Our quality filter coffee machines feature all the extras you need. Wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee, using the programmable timer, or keep it hotter for longer, with hot plates and insulated jugs. Or for an instant, quick, mess free shot try a pod coffee machine.