Homemade bread that just been freshly baked being sliced
Brod & Taylor Folding Bread Proofer & Slow Cooker FP-205

Brod & Taylor Folding Bread Proofer & Slow Cooker FP-205

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Bread Makers

There’s no denying that the evocative aroma of homemade bread brightens up any day and tantalises everybody’s taste buds. But making bread is a process that takes hours and will inevitably make a bit of a mess. If only there was a machine that could bake a fresh loaf of bread while we sleep.

Enter the humble bread maker: its simplicity is what makes it so appealing. Just add flour, yeast and water, throw in a pinch of salt and let the machine do the rest. So, if you’re thinking about trying out bread making this year, one of our incredible bread makers could be the perfect way to ease yourself into the tricky world of bread – without the faff!

Classic Bread Makers

First things first, you’ll need to find your ideal bread recipes and gather your ingredients. But that’s where the hard work ends with one of these bread machines. Pre-set functions mean one machine can create a bakery of bread styles, from a basic white loaf to a Mediterranean sun-dried tomato bloomer. The dough function opens up the opportunity to create not just delicious pizza dough, but crispy, home-baked ciabatta rolls and even sourdough bread in certain machines. Most bread makers even include functions for gluten-free options.

Bread Maker Vs Bread Machine?

There are a couple of differences between a standard bread maker and an all-inclusive bread machine. While the former bakes your homemade bread, certain bread machines can go the extra mile. Not so humble after all, a bread machine will go far beyond loaves and rolls.

You’ll find that many can also make pasta dough, cakes and even jams and compotes – they’re no one-trick pony! With digital and compact bread machines, you'll find something that fits seamlessly into your kitchen. So, when trying to decide which kind of machine is right for you, take a look at exactly what the machine does and decide how far you want to go on your bread making journey!

Which Bread Maker Is Best?

From standard to touchscreen, there are plenty of Lakeland bread makers to choose from. We’ve even included one in the collection that also makes cake, jam and yoghurt!

If you really feel like getting creative in the kitchen, there is a perfect machine to help you out. We also have automatic bread makers from Brod & Taylor and Panasonic bread makers, ensuring you’ve got an option for anything from crusty white to seeded focaccia. Plenty of our machines also make cake, pizza dough and so much more, so remember to have a read about each machine before making your choice.

While the ease of setting the timer and waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread is wonderful, it’s also a pleasure to make bread by hand from time to time. And that’s why we also have a wide selection of bread baking tins and bread mixes available, so you can slow things down, take your time and get kneading. However you want to turn your bread recipes into a masterpiece loaf, the Lakeland collection has everything you need.