Bread Makers

There’s no denying that the evocative aroma of home-baked bread brightens up any day and tantalises everybody’s taste buds. However, making bread is a process that takes hours, and will inevitably make a bit of a mess. If only there was a machine that could bake a fresh loaf of bread while we slept…

Enter the humble bread maker: its simplicity is what makes it so appealing. Just add flour, yeast and water, throw in a pinch of salt and let the machine do the rest. Preset functions mean one machine can create a bakery of bread styles, from a basic white loaf to a Mediterranean sun-dried tomato bloomer. The dough function opens up the opportunity to create not just delicious pizza dough, but crispy, home-baked ciabatta rolls and even sourdough bread in certain machines. Most bread makers even include functions for gluten-free options.

Not so humble after all, a bread machine will go far beyond loaves and rolls. You’ll find that many can also make pasta dough, cakes and even jams and compotes – they’re no one-trick pony!

And while the ease of setting the timer and waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread is wonderful, it’s also a pleasure to make bread by hand from time to time. And that’s why we also have a wide selection of bread baking tins and bread mixes available, so you can slow things down, take your time and get kneading.