Food Storage Containers

If you’re looking to contain food, Lakeland has the perfect solutions for you. The breadth and depth of our food storage containers and boxes range is hard to beat.

We’ve got stackable freezer food containers for storing leftovers, flat fridge boxes for keeping sliced meats and cheeses fresh, and larger stylish food storage boxes for cereal, biscuits and store cupboard staples. We also have small Tupperware-style boxes for carrying snacks and nibbles for elevenses and outdoor adventures.

Organise your fridge

A packed fridge can quickly get out of hand. As packaging and loose food jostles for position on shelves and in drawers, items can be hard to find or become lost and forgotten. You’re sure you had half an avocado in there, but where? Remember that half-eaten Greek yoghurt you forgot about? Well now you’ve just found it after four weeks and you’ve just put your hand in it.

With our selection of stackable storage and meal prep containers, you can make the most efficient use of fridge space. Check out our clear-sided food storage boxes -  you can easily see what food is where, ensuring your fridge is quick and easy to search.

Keep food fresh and enclosed

Good food storage helps you stay organised, but it’s vital for keeping food fresh and safe too. Food stored in half-open packaging is exposed to airborne germs and can turn quickly.

Food kept in our range of spill-proof and airtight containers will stay fresh and safe to eat for longer. A good airtight container can keep aromas at bay too, crucial if you’ve got a particularly pungent slab of French cheese in your fridge.

Accessorise your kitchen

Food storage isn’t just about being organised, making the most efficient use of space, and keeping food fresh. Storage containers can look fantastic and can be an impactful way to decorate your kitchen.

Our larger storage containers, including our OXO’s Good Grip food storage range which goes up to 2.8 Litres, are ideal for storing bulkier food like cereal and pasta. But they also happen to look fantastic too when lined up together on kitchen counter tops.

Carry food in style

If you’re looking to carry food on the go, whether you’re taking a meal to work, or giving packed lunches to loved ones, we’ve got everything you need. Take a look at our stylish custom lunch boxes, including our fabulous Tatay Urban Lunch Packs that combine an array of storage boxes with an insulated bag especially designed to carry them.

Eco friendly storage containers

On top of form and function, we know you want food containers that aren’t going to harm the environment. All our plastic food containers are BPA free, can be reused time and time again, and most can be recycled when you no longer need them.

But for the ultimate eco solution, look no further than the Lock & Lock range of Eco Food Storage Containers. No two boxes are quite the same, as these unique containers are made using the cut-off plastic from the production of their original reusable food containers. Despite being made of recycled plastic, Lock & Lock haven’t compromised on their quality, offering the same 100% airtight, leakproof guarantee as they do for their traditional range.

With our large selection of versatile, functional and environmentally friendly food storage containers on offer, we’re confident we’ve got the food storage solutions you’re looking for. And whilst you’re reviewing our food storage containers, take a glance at our reusable food bags and containers for food storage. They’re a great way to reduce your use of single-use plastic in the kitchen.